Hudson Entertainment

Calling (Video Game)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Available for the Nintendo Wii Published by Hudson Entertainment J-horror may have worn out a bit of its cinematic welcome here in the States, but it's still alive and kicking on the Nintendo Wii. Well, almost.

Two New Gameplay Videos: Calling

We've been talking about Hudson Entertainment's latest horror title for the Nintendo Wii, Calling, for a couple of weeks (expect a review soon), and now that we've had a chance to spend some time with the title, we can happily confirm ... yeah ... it can be pretty friggin' spooky!

Cornered By an Angry Ghost? Check out our Calling Walkthrough

With Hudson Entertainment's Calling now in stores, we figured we'd give avid gamers out there a hand by offering up a game walkthrough to help you guys through the rough patches!

Calling Launch Trailer Brings the Digital Spooks

Just a few days ago we told you about the new survival horror shocker Calling, which was due out on March 16th! Good news, gamers ... you can get your hands on it RIGHT NOW in stores, and we've got a look at the launch trailer for you!

Calling Set to Haunt Your Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii gamers still hungry for horror after the lackluster Cursed Mountain and the abysmal Ju-on: Haunted House Simulator are getting another crack at true horror with Hudson Entertainment's Calling. The best part? It's out on March 16th. Talk about under the radar.