H.R. Giger

Iconic Designer of Alien H.R. Giger Passes

Horror and sci-fi fans have lost another one of their most inspirational and iconic artists. We are deeply saddened by the news coming to us from Swiss public television channel SRF of the passing of acclaimed artist H.R. Giger Monday afternoon.

ATEAM's Dark Summoner Game Gets Exclusive Creatures from Artist H.R. Giger

ATEAM has announced that its hit iOS and Android game Dark Summoner will feature three exclusive creatures created by legendary artist H.R. Giger, and we have the details plus a look at them all right here.

H.R. Giger On Board Alien Prequels

Here's some interesting news coming out of Ridley Scott's Alien prequel camp -- Turns out legendary artist and creature designer H.R. Giger is on board for Scott's upcoming prequel(s), and that's bound to make any fan of the series ecstatic.

Early Teaser One-Sheet: Alex Winter's Remake - The Gate 3D

We've been talking about Alex Winter's proposed 3D remake of The Gate for what feels like forever now. Will it happen? If so, when? Well, things became a little bit clearer today during an interview with Winter, and we even have a teaser poster to boot!

Early Concept Art: The Gate 3D

One remake we're looking forward to that has a really good chance of being good is Alex Winter's redux of The Gate in 3D. If Winter can capture just a fraction of the original film's charm then we're pretty damned golden. Some concept art snuck online today along with a boat load of details about the film.