First Howl Casting News Makes its Descent

We told you about Howl a couple of days ago and right now we have the first bit of casting news straight out of Cannes. Screen Daily reports that A Lonely Place to Die's Ed Speleers and The Descent's Shauna Macdonald have joined the Paul Wyett helmed production.

New Artwork to Howl Over

The Cannes sales art for the new film from Paul Wyett, entitled Howl, is here; and it has had enough of these muthafucken werewolves on this muthafucken train. If you read that aloud in your best Sam Jackson voice, you score bonus points!

DreamWorks and Fox Are Off to Alaska to Howl

Television executives have learned one thing over the last several years -- pretty teenagers plus supernatural beings equals ratings! So now that The Twilight Saga has given us the Chippendale equivalent of werewolves on the big screen, Fox and DreamWorks have partnered to bring some of that lycanthropic magic home!