Howie Askins

Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Second Look at Evidence Home to LOTS of Insanity!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again... You're unlikely to find a film more crazed than the cinéma vérité experience that is Evidence. There's so much to it that it's impossible to focus on just one aspect of the flick. Check out this new trailer and get a sample!

Exclusive Clip From Evidence Shows Off Some of the Flick's Lunacy!

It's been a while since last we brought you anything regarding the psycho cinéma-vérité style horror flick Evidence, but with the passage of time comes good things. Like exclusive clips featuring .... well, see for yourself.

First Review: Evidence - One of the Most Psycho Flicks We've Ever Seen!

Every now and again a flick comes along that gets our attention in a big way by defying the odds and pulling off something that is, for the most part, completely unique. Howie Askins' Evidence is exactly that kind of experience.

Evidence (2011)

Starring Ryan McCoy, Brett Rosenberg, Abigail Richie, Ashley Bracken Directed by Howie Askins

Exclusive New One-Sheet Debut - Evidence

We're pretty excited for you guys to actually dig on the last cinéma-vérité style horror flick, Evidence. What exactly is there evidence of, you're wondering? Let's just put it this way ... it's anything but human.

All New Trailer and First Clip from the Insane Cinéma-vérité Experience - Evidence

Since we pretty much discovered the phenom that is Paranormal Activity years before its release and pop culture explosion, indie filmmakers have been sending us their cinéma-vérité style horror flicks ever since. Literally we're inundated with them. Sadly most suck but every now and again one catches our eyes and blows our minds.

Badass First Clip from Evidence!

This weekend we had a chance to screen Howie Askin's new cinéma-vérité style spooker, Evidence, and we've been talking about it all day. What is out there in the woods? You'll never guess, but this clip is bound to let speculation run rampant.

Evidence of Something Not Human

And yet another cinéma-vérité style chiller is on the way. This one featuring something big, inhuman, and very pissed off in the woods. Interested? Wait until you see this trailer.

Devil Girl (2007)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Jessica Graham, Joe Wanjai Ross, Vanessa Kay, Ruben Terrones, Jeff Swarthout Directed by Howie Askins Written by Howie Askins and Tracy Wilcox

Take a Trip with the Devil Girl

Every once in a while a note comes across our desks about a new horror film that for whatever reason we haven't heard about until just before its release. One such project is Howie Askins' Devil Girl, which is being described as a throwback to 70's grindhouse horror.