Howard Gordon

Amber Tamblyn to Study the Anatomy of Violence

More casting news has come our way for the latest genre pilot headed to CBS, "Anatomy of Violence," as The Ring and The Grudge 2 actress Amber Tamblyn has signed on for dissection. Read on for details.

Skeet Ulrich to Topline CBS's Anatomy of Violence Pilot

More pilot casting news has arrived, and while we're still not sure if this one will be Dread-worthy, we like the direction it's heading in so we thought we'd share.

TV Pilot Update: ABC Finds a Director for The Returned; CBS Explores the Anatomy of Violence

At the end of January ABC greenlit a pilot for "The Returned," and it now has a director and a new location. In addition, CBS has ordered "Anatomy of Violence," a pilot from the team behind "Homeland."

More Pesky Robots Looking to Destroy Mankind in 2084

You know ... we really need to stop building things that are smarter than we are. No good can possibly come from creating artificial intelligence that makes 90% of the people around you look silly. And besides, haven't we proved already that mankind is the scourge of planet Earth? It would be wise to 86 us!

New Supernatural Drama Coming From Fox

No, it's not more programming featuring Glenn Beck; we're talking legit spooky stuff here. Though he is pretty scary. Especially when he weeps. Truly frightening.