House of the Wolf Man

RIP: John McGarr

The loss of life can be all the more tragic when the reason behind a loved one being taken from us is absolutely senseless. Such is the case with up and coming actor/producer John McGarr.

House of the Wolf Man Finds a Real Estate Agent

Eben McGarr's love letter to the films of days gone by has found a home that will helpfully distribute it to the masses. Taurus Entertainment, yes, that Taurus Entertainment, has acquired the film. No word yet on what they're planning to do with it, but let's just hope it's not another in-name-only sequel.

House of the Wolf Man Premiere Tix Now On Sale

Never mind all the big budget remakes that are supposed to wow you from their opening seconds. Screw all the lame ass CGI effects that most of the time add nothing to our horror genre other than making it seem a bit more cartoonish. If you're in the market for something old school and completely badass, you need to be digging on Eben McGarr's latest feature House of the Wolf Man. We've been telling you about it for months, but now some lucky folks in LA will finally get to see it!

House of the Wolf Man Trailer Arrives in All Its B&W Glory

Just yesterday we brought you the goods on House of the Wolf Man, and today the trailer surfaces! Wanna get even more excited? You certainly shall!

House of the Wolf Man Pics and Info

One of our eagle-eyed readers sent us a heads-up about a new installment in the Wolf Man saga entitled House of the Wolf Man that is being filmed in and around the Los Angeles area with Sick Girl (review here) director Eben McGarr pulling double duty as the film's writer and director and Lon Chaney, Jr.'s grandson, Ron Chaney, starring as the titular character.