House of Horror

James Wan and Dimension Films Set a Demonic Release Date

Though James Wan may be taking a break from directing horror films, that doesn't mean he has completely abandoned the genre. Wan recently produced a spook-show titled Demonic, which has just been given a release date courtesy of Dimension Films.

AFM 2013: First Demonic Stills Check In for Next James Wan Horror Flick

Once known as House of Horrors, we have for you right now the first couple of stills from the new film presented by James Wan, Demonic. Check 'em out and bring your holy water. Hey, ya never know!

James Wan Gets Demonic Next Year

Hey, wait a second. Didn't James Wan say that he was done making horror films and Insidious: Chapter 2 was going to be his last? Well, that still appears to be the plan. But we'll be seeing his name attached to at least one more horror flick headed our way next year.

End of Watch's Cody Horn to Patrol James Wan's Latest Horror Project

Here's the thing... if you're gonna go ghost hunting, you might as well do it with hot chicks. I mean, if things go wrong and some supernatural entity ends up claiming your soul for all eternity, why not have the last thing you see be a beauty? Speaking of which...

Another Actor Files into James Wan's Latest Horror Project

More casting news has come in for Dimension's untitled James Wan Presents thriller (formerly House of Horror) starring Maria Bello and Frank Grillo. Read on for the skinny on who else is setting themselves up for a good fright!

Frank Grillo and Maria Bello Official for James Wan's House of Horror

It's been awhile, but finally we have some firm casting news coming in for the James Wan-produced horror flick for Dimension, House of Horror. Read on for all the latest details regarding this upcoming spook show.

New Director in Talks for James Wan's House of Horrors

With the departure of Xavier Gens from Dimension Films' House of Horror comes word of a new director looking to take the helm of the James Wan presented scare fest from a screenplay by Max La Bella. Read on for details.

Maria Bello to Enter James Wan's House of Horror

Some quick possible casting news has come in for James Wan's upcoming frightfest House of Horror, and it sounds as if another actor is in final negotiations to officially check in!

Dimension to Open James Wan's House of Horror

We've been talking about the frightfest House of Horror for a while now, and finally a studio has stepped up to give it distro. Read on for details.

Xavier Gens to Enter James Wan's House of Horror

It appears as if director Xavier Gens (Frontiere(s), The Divide) is getting set to be the man to pull the strings in James Wan's latest indie frighfest, and we've got the details for you inside.

First Details and Sales Art: James Wan's House of Horrors

With the success of the Saw franchise as well as having the most profitable film of the year, Insidious, under his belt, filmmaker James Wan is a pretty hot commodity lately; and we've got the first details and artwork for his next flick.

James Wan to Deliver Lots of Terror With Icon Entertainment - First Word on House of Horror!

With his latest film Insidious (review here) primed and ready for a release on April 1st, we've been wondering what director James Wan would do next. Finally we know and it's a whole hell of a lot!