House of Bad

Indie Horror Flick House of Bad Scores Big! Amazon Sold Out!

Great news for the indie horror scene. The haunting new flick House of Bad has completely sold out on Amazon! Take that, big studios and your 14 million leftover copies of the Total Recall remake!

New House of Bad DVD Artwork Is Pretty Good

We told you that the haunting new flick House of Bad is set to hit DVD this December, and right now we have the official artwork and home video trailer right here on tap for you. Check 'em out!

Go Behind the Scenes of House of Bad

The haunting new flick House of Bad is set to hit DVD this December and right now we have to behind the scenes looks for you cats to dig on. I mean it is Monday after all... Why not goof off early?

Osiris Entertainment Welcomes You Into the House of Bad

Three sisters steal a bunch of drugs and hole up in a house that turns out to be supremely haunted; if that's not instant karma, I don't know what is. That's the premise of the heist film meets horror film House of Bad, which has just been picked up for distribution.

Enter the House of Bad

A supernatural heist flick? Yeah, you can sign us up for that! On tap for you cats right now are two trailers and the official one-sheet for Jim Towns' indie effort House of Bad. From the looks of it, this is one house horror fans will be wanting to spend some serious time in!