House in the Alley

Horror's 7 Most Haunting Houses

Aside from The Return of… or The Revenge of…, there may be no more beloved horror titles than those involving The House…. There is something very mysterious and foreboding about a mysterious house containing all kinds of unknown horrors.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a House in the Alley DVD from Scream Factory

On May 27th, perennial fan pleaser Scream Factory releases in the US the first horror film from Vietnam, titled House in the Alley. To celebrate, Scream Factory is sponsoring another giveaway contest. This time a total of three House in the Alley DVDs will be given to a trio of winners.

The Scream Factory Finds Foreign Horror in the House in the Alley

The Scream Factory has been releasing the very best of our genre's stranger side with Criterion-like editions that we'd never have thought some of these movies would get. Every once in a while though... they dig up something we've never even heard of!

English Language Trailer Found in the House in the Alley

A new tale of terror is on its way from Vietnam known as House in the Alley (aka Ngôi Nhà Trong Hẻm for those of you brave enough to even try to pronounce that), and we have the English-language trailer for you right here.