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Corey Feldman Hosting LA Premiere of 6 Degrees of Hell on November 20th

In anticipation of the November 27th Blu-ray/DVD release of 6 Degrees of Hell (review here), the film will be having its Los Angeles premiere a week earlier on the 20th with star Corey Feldman and writer/producer B.H. Smith in attendance.

Corey Feldman's 6 Degrees of Hell Freezes Over in November; Official Details

We've brought you every bit of information we've been able to get our grubby little hands on about 6 Degrees of Hell, starring Corey Feldman. Now we've got the scoop you've been waiting for: the DVD/Blu-ray release info. It drops on November 27th.

Picture if You Will the DVD Art for Six Degrees of Hell

The DVD artwork is here for the much talked about indie horror flick from Joe Raffa, 6 Degrees of Hell, and unfortunately it's traded in the cool stylish poster art the film once had for your substandard cookie-cutter direct-to-video Lionsgate-like fodder.

6 Degrees of Hell Nails Distro; New Trailer

We have good news for those looking forward to the indie flick 6 Degrees of Hell: The film has gotten itself some U.S. distro, and in celebration of the glorious news, we also have a new trailer to share with you sickos. Dig it!

Indie Horror Month Interview: Actor/Director Joe Raffa Talks Six Degrees of Hell and More

At age 21 actor/director Joe Raffa is already making quite a name for himself on the independent filmmaking scene. His first directorial effort (which he also wrote and co-starred in) - You'll Know My Name - has already been nabbed for distribution after a successful festival run in 2011.

Badass Vintage Style Artwork for Six Degrees of Hell

Seriously? We're in love with this one-sheet. Just like back in the early Eighties, one glance at this beauty would be enough for me to watch the flick without knowing a damned thing about it. Dig on this new eye candy for Six Degrees of Hell!

Full Six Degrees of Hell Trailer Sneaks Online

The Internet is a crazy place. You just never know what's gonna pop up where and for how long. Case in point: the second trailer for the upcoming indie spooker Six Degrees of Hell. Read on for the goods!

New Teaser One-Sheet for Six Degrees of Hell Breaks Loose in Time for New Year's

We've been talking about Joe Raffa's Six Degrees of Hell for quite a while now, but it's looking like the film is in the home stretch as they've just released a new teaser one-sheet, and in addition we have the official trailer that debuted a bit under the radar a short while ago.

Six Degrees of Hell - Two Spooky New Images to Get You Screaming

Two more stills from Joe Raffa's Six Degrees of Hell made their way into our inbox today and we knew they were there due to all of the shrieking. Okay, so maybe that was just echoes of me passing a kidney stone, but still!

New Stills from Six Degrees of Hell; Update on the Full Official Trailer

We got word today that the full official trailer for Joe Raffa's Six Degrees of Hell is coming on October 21st, and in anticipation of that event, three new stills landed in our inbox. While the production has shown it wants to put out a "fun" horror film, the filmmakers are quite serious in their intent to deliver the scariest film of 2012. We'll find out soon if they're on the right track!

Six Degrees of Hell Hath No Fury Like This Behind-the-Scenes Video

What better way is there to celebrate Rosh Hashanah than by watching some behind-the-scenes goodness from a new horror film starring Corey Feldman? Okay, so we're reaching a bit here, but Shana Tova, bitches! Represent!

Teaser Trailer Debut - Six Degrees of Hell

Finally a teaser trailer is here for the spookfest known as Six Degrees of Hell. Does it live up to the promise of all we've seen thus far? We'll leave that up to YOU to decide!

Four More Faces of Fear from Six Degrees of Hell

Alrighty, kids! Strap in for four new stills from the upcoming chiller Six Degrees of Hell which bring you face-to-face with some hall roaming horrors. Dig it ... if you dare!

Badass One-Sheet Debut - Six Degress of Hell

You have to hand it to the cats behind the upcoming chiller Six Degrees of Hell. Everything they've released for the flick so far has been pretty damned cool, and this latest one-sheet is no exception!