Hotel Arthritis

Hotel Arthritis Renamed Silent But Deadly; New Trailer and One Sheet Arrive

I think we can all agree that there haven't been enough nursing home-based horror-comedies lately. The sub-genre is basically barren aside from Bubba Ho-Tep; however, the upcoming Silent But Deadly is ready to drop some more horrific retirement palace humor on you.

Check in to a New Trailer and One-Sheet for Hotel Arthritis

Hide your grandparents! Stock up on aspirin, prune juice, and Ben-Gay! The first trailer and official one-sheet for Jason Lockhart's old folks home nightmare Hotel Arthritis is finally here. Check it out!

Horror Meets a Retirement Home in Hotel Arthritis

Not since Bubba Ho-Tep has horror graced the halls of a retirement community…unless you count that one episode in the first season of "The Walking Dead." But filmmaker Jason Lockhart is about to bring us another old folks home nightmare with Hotel Arthritis.