Hot Blood Sundae

DVD Release List: August 4, 2009: Trapped in a Chaos Experiment with Hot Blood Sundae Cravings

If you've upgraded your system to include a Blu-ray player, then this is a pretty good week for you as August 4th will see the release of a few old friends including Blade II, Hannibal Rising, and Mimic. On the newer end of the spectrum, we have sci-fi/horror hybrids Alien Uprising and The Mutant Chronicles along with watch-it-at-your-own-risk fare like Cravings, The Chaos Experiment, Nature's Grave, and the anthology Slices.

Hot Blood Sundae (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Bobbi Billard, Akira Lane, Richard Van Fleet, Gelusa Zarapova, John Bogart, Ryan Click, Joanna Hernandez Directed by Jon Darbonne

Title of the Week: Hot Blood Sundae

If you're going to make a slasher movie about the psychopathic proprietor of an adult ice cream shop then why not title the film Hot Blood Sundae? That way, even if the film proves awful, at least it has a memorable title.