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Freddy Krueger to Haunt the Cast of Bones

Being an avid fan of Angel, I used to harbor a hetero mancrush on David Boreanaz. So much so that I eagerly tuned in to the pilot episode of his follow-up series, Bones. Then I tuned right out and never looked back. But today’s news has me ready to tune back it – at least to see how this all plays out.

HBO to Become Mind Hunters

With Showtime’s Dexter reaping the sort of ratings that HBO used to enjoy back in The Sopranos days, it’s no surprise that they’re looking to get into the serial killer genre with their own series – albeit with a different slant.

Sundance 2010: Alan Tudyk Talks Firefly Spin-off Comic by Patton Oswalt

Attention, Browncoats! Feast your eyes below on some "Firefly"-related goodness! While interviewing Alan Tudyk for his latest project, the comedy horror flick Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Dread Central’s team of Heather Wixson and Brian Smith thought they’d take the opportunity to talk with Tudyk about Joss Whedon’s "Firefly".

Sundance 2010: Tyler Labine Talks What Could Have Been in Store for Invasion Fans

I don’t know how many other "Invasion" fans are out there, but I remember exactly how I felt after I watched what would end up being the series finale of the short-lived ABC show. It was as if someone had hit me upside the head with an aluminum bat and then did the Macarena on my skull.

Dexter Season Four Finale Sets a Record for Showtime

If you missed last night's finale to what arguably was the best season yet of Showtime's excellent series Dexter, then you better do your best to avoid spoilers until you can catch up. After all, considering 2.6 million people watched it, odds are pretty good someone you know was among them.

Casting Update and More Plot Details on MTV's Teen Wolf Series

Four cast members and a more detailed plot synopsis have been released tonight for MTV's reinvisioning of the 1985 Michael J. Fox flick Teen Wolf as a new series for the network.

Exclusive: Dread Central Pays a Visit to Scream Queens 2

It’s Wednesday, December 2nd (and incidentally this scribe’s birthday), when I arrive to the set of VH1 and Joke Productions’ reality series "Scream Queens 2". The show is shooting in a foreboding manse made infamous by its use in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (and across the street from the house Wes Craven made iconic in People Under the Stairs) off Western Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

Rob Zombie Circling Small Screen with CSI?

Who knows what Rob Zombie is going to be doing next? Will it be his blobless remake of The Blob? Will it be the long awaited T-Rex? Or maybe ... just maybe it will be something completely unexpected and for television!

Clip from Dexter Season Finale - This Is It!

This season of Showtime's "Dexter" has been nothing short of pulse-pounding edge-of-your-seat craziness, and it all comes to a head next Sunday! Looking for a preview? We've got it for ya!

DreamWorks and Fox Are Off to Alaska to Howl

Television executives have learned one thing over the last several years -- pretty teenagers plus supernatural beings equals ratings! So now that The Twilight Saga has given us the Chippendale equivalent of werewolves on the big screen, Fox and DreamWorks have partnered to bring some of that lycanthropic magic home!

Nail Biting Scenes from Next Week's Dexter

This season "Dexter" has gone from being "Must See TV" to "Holy Shit, I'd Rather Drive Needles into my Eyes Than Miss an Episode TV" and things are only getting more and more intense as we bring you two clips from next Sunday's episode.

Stephen King’s Colorado Kid Heads to Haven

Stephen King’s foray into hard-boiled noir, The Colorado Kid, wasn’t exactly among his most acclaimed efforts. That’s not stopping the powers that be from putting the story on film, however, as it’s set to become a thirteen-episode miniseries on the Sci-Fi Channel (sorry, I can’t bring myself to adhere to the ‘proper’ spelling).

Behind-the-Scenes - A Dexter Thanksgiving

Last Sunday's episode of "Dexter" was some of the most intense TV we've ever seen. Now Showtime takes us behind-the-scenes of that bit of craziness with writer/producer Clyde Phillips. "Dexter" Synopsis: Based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, “Dexter” follows Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, an employee at the Miami Metropolitan Police Department's Crime Lab, but by night he is a self-proclaimed psychopath who meticulously murders the very same serial killers he tracks by day.

FX Nabs Twilight for TV Run

So you're just about done both weeping and swooning over Twilight's sparkly yet brooding vamps in theatres, in print, and on DVD, and you're wondering to yourself ... "Gee, I really wish I could watch these movies edited and with commercials on cable so I can have some heavy petting time during the breaks. I wonder which station will be airing the films?" Drop your Kleenex and wonder no more!

Two More Dexter Previews

By the time last week's episode of "Dexter" had ended, we were hit with some really intense plot twists that nobody saw coming. To say we were hungry for more is a bit of an understatement. Thankfully we have a couple of previews ready to chew on until Sunday.