Horror TV

Stephen King's New Horror Haven Finds a Helmer

Fans of Stephen King have been anxiously awaiting some more supernatural mayhem from the master, and his new television series "Haven" looks like it could very well deliver the goods.

Supernatural Ep. 20: The Winchesters Face The Devil You Know

Coming off the game changing Ep. 19 that aired last night, the Winchester brothers have only two episodes left before the Season Five finale -- and hopefully the end of the Apocalypse -- so you know what that means. Time to face "The Devil You Know"! In addition, we have a peek at what's in store for the end of the season in a teaser entitled "O Death".

Come on Get Happy! Check out the First 14 Minutes of Happy Town

With "Twin Peaks" far away in the rearview mirror, fans have been looking for a new strange destination to hang their hats. Could ABC's "Happy Town" be it? Dig on the first few minutes and judge for yourself!

Fox Eying Kyle Chandler for Terra Nova Lead

A short while back we told you about "Terra Nova", a new dino-centric TV show on the way from Fox produced by Steven Spielberg, and now it looks like the network may have found its leading man for the series.

Supernatural Ep. 19 Releases the Hammer of the Gods

Think the Apocalypse that Season Five of Supernatural has been dealing with is just between the Judeo-Christian version of angels and demons? Think again, as this week Hindu, Buddhist, and Norse dieties join the Winchesters to do battle.

Jeffrey DeMunn Joins The Walking Dead

Add another name to the rapidly growing list of people who have signed on to experience the chaos of Frank Darabont's small screen envisioning of the Robert Kirkman graphic novel The Walking Dead.

Supernatural Season 5 Ep. 19 Photos and Ep. 20 Synopsis

Back in early March we learned that Matt Frewer would be guest starring on The CW's Supernatural as the third of the Four Horsemen to appear during Season Five: Pestilence, and now we know which episode we'll be seeing him in.

MTV To Expose Us to The Truth Below

While it remains a mystery as to what time of the day we should turn on MTV to -- you know -- see a music video or something like that, one thing that is becoming more and more common on the first ever all music network is a place for fans to get their horror fix!

Syfy Sneaks a Peek at Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm is a creature of cryptozoology purported as being a bright red worm up to five feet long capable of spewing sulphuric acid and emitting a paralyzing electric discharge. One look at the sneak preview Syfy has posted for its new Mongolian Death Worm movie indicates the filmmakers just watched the bug ravine scene from Peter Jackson's King Kong remake and made a movie about those giant head-devouring worms instead.

Syfy Serving Up Roadkill on The Other Side

RHI Entertainment just announced that it has another two supernatural films on the way that will be released on Syfy. Somewhere out there The Foywonder nods in approval. Or is that fright? Only time will tell!

ABC's Downfall Taking Game Shows to Dangerous New Heights

Do you suffer from fear of heights? Ever gone up in a tall building, looked down, and experienced severe vertigo? Does the thought of falling off a skyscraper give you nightmares? If so, the absurd new ABC game show "Downfall" is not for you.

Full Synopsis and Cast Details for Happy Town

Several days ago we told you about ABC's "Demand It" campaign for its new series "Happy Town" whereby once they reach 50,000 demands, everyone who participated will be able to watch the show online in advance of its April 28th premiere. Now that we have a longer synopsis of "Happy Town" that includes its full cast, we're pretty sure you'll be wanting to head on over to Eventful and take part if you haven't already.

First Look: Space Canada Set to Air New Series: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Lucky Canadians will soon be getting their chance to dig on a horror TV show all of their own when "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" debuts on Space Canada!

The Walking Dead Has Found its Rick

Now that we all know that Jon Bernthal will be playing Shane, partner of the main character, Rick Grimes, in Frank Darabont's adaptation of The Walking Dead for AMC, speculation has been at a fever pitch over who will play Grimes himself. Today the answer has come.

UK's Zone Horror Reverting to Its Horror Channel Name

For many years we here in the States have looked with envy upon our brothers and sisters across the pond who have been fortunate enough to have their own "Horror Channel", even if in 2006 it was rebranded as "Zone Horror". Now, though, it looks like they're reverting to the old name effective next Monday.