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Frances Conroy and Alexandra Breckenridge Tell an American Horror Story

And the cast continues to flesh out for "Glee" creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's next TV series for FX, American Horror Story. This time picking up some talent who have spent more than their fair share of living with the dead.

More Dexter Casting News: Edward James Olmos to Play Major Role

Now this is the type of inspired casting we can get behind! Edward James Olmos has just been announced as having a "major role" in Season Six of Showtime's "Dexter". Be still our "Miami Vice"-loving hearts!

Teen Wolf Sneak Peek and Bonus Clips - Meet the Cast and Go Behind the Scenes

Its June 5th debut is just a few days away, which means MTV is pulling out all the stops to promote its new series "Teen Wolf". Here are a slew of new videos that introduce the cast, go behind the scenes (including a look at the transformation), and offer a crash course in Werewolfology 101. Synopsis:

Go Behind-the-Scenes of MTV's The Truth Below

While we all wait ever so patiently for director Scott Glosserman to find a way to make the next entry in the Behind the Mask franchise officially get off the ground, Glosserman has a new horror flick lined up for MTV called The Truth Below.

Stephen King's Under the Dome Moving Closer Toward TV

We've known for a while that Steven Spielberg and Stephen King were joining forces to develop a limited TV series based on King's supernatural thriller Under the Dome, and now that the project has found a writer, it looks like things should be heating up shortly.

Syfy Previews the Bloody Rampage of Ice Road Terror and Swamp Shark

It feels like it has been too long since Syfy has uncorked some new man-eating monster movies for us to sink our teeth into. That'll change come June when the network unleashes a pair of toothy monstrosities: Ice Road Terror and Swamp Shark. Syfy has posted a trio of bloody scenes from each monster mash.

Previews, Photos, and Full Synopsis for NBC's Grimm

As we told you last week, NBC has added the fairy tale-themed "Grimm" to its upcoming fall schedule. Here are a few video previews, interviews, photos, and the full plot synopsis to help you decide if "Grimm" will be added to your DVR rotation.

ABC Fall - R.I.P. V, Poe a No Go, Once Upon a Time a Go, The River Runs Later

Next week the major broadcast networks will officially present their fall schedules. ABC today announced its pick-ups and cancellations. The news is bad for alien invaders and Gothic authors. The news is good, however, for fairy tales and the Paranormal Activity guy.

Things Looking Grimm For NBC

In the wake of the really crappy news that "Locke and Key" hasn't been picked up for the upcoming season of television, at least one network has made sure they have room for a new episodic horror show.

Exclusive Clip From R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Scary Mary Part 2

Here at Dread Central we try and service horror heads both young and old. That being said, we have a little something for the parents out there who are trying to raise their kids right - An exclusive clip from R.L. Stine's "The Haunting Hour". Just think, a few more years of this and your youngster will be up to Evil Dead in no time!

Animal Planet to Debut New Series About Not Finding Bigfoot

I've been fascinated by the subject of Sasquatch my entire life. I've probably read more books about Bigfoot than most people even know exist. There was a time when TV shows about Bigfoot fascinated me; that was until I noticed a trend of them never finding a damn thing. Will Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" continue or end the trend?

Actor/Hip-Hop Artist Mos Def Signs on for Dexter Season Six

Hot on the heels of the news that Colin Hanks has joined the cast of "Dexter" as a recurring character comes word that hip-hop artist turned actor Mos Def has also finalized a deal for a multi-episode arc during the sixth season of the series.

First Look and Details: The Twilight Zone: Season 5 on Blu-ray

While we're still in the midst of Image's stellar release of "The Twilight Zone" Season 4 (look for a review really soon), the first details have surfaced regarding the very last season we all need to complete our set! From the Press Release

UPDATED: Dexter Season 6 Casting News: Colin Hanks Joins Series for Major Story Arc

A few days ago we got word on some upcoming characters to be on the lookout for in Season Six of Showtime's "Dexter", and now comes news of another cast member who's signed on for a major story arc: none other than Colin (son of Tom) Hanks.

Charles S. Dutton Has Powers

When we first saw Charles S. Dutton hit the acting scene decades ago, we knew one thing for sure: The man had powers. He fought a Xenomorph without weapons for god's sake! You need a hefty sac just to attempt such a thing!