Horror TV

Tonight's the Night to Groove to a New Dexter Season 7 Music Video

Nothing says weekend (or serial killer) like some cool tunes, and Showtime obviously knows this because they've just released a new "Dexter" music video from Rolfe Kent titled "Tonight's the Night - The Ice Truckers Remix". It's a surreal, psychedelic trip down memory lane. Dig it!

David Giuntoli Introduces a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.02 - The Kiss

Nick is in big trouble in this clip from the upcoming Episode 2.02 of NBC's "Grimm", entitled "The Kiss," but as usual Hank's on his way to help our hero out. Check it out, and tune in this Monday night at 10pm/9c.

First Teaser Promo for American Horror Story: Asylum Gets Rid of the Evidence

Finally the first bit of promotional video material has come forth for the highly anticipated "American Horror Story: Asylum," and it leaves us with a lingering question... Just what the hell is this person carrying around in those buckets?

Two Clips from True Blood Episode 5.11 - Sunset

The sun is about to set on Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood," and we have a couple of clips from this week's penultimate episode, appropriately entitled "Sunset." Is Jason about to undergo a transformation?

There's No Escaping the New Dexter Season 7 Trailer

Ready for your first good look at the upcoming Season 7 of "Dexter" on Showtime? The full official trailer for the new season has arrived, and of course we have it for you right here. Just remember - no one escapes the dark passenger!

Former Bones Intern Michael Grant Terry Joining NBC's Grimm

Another actor is heading to Portland for NBC's "Grimm," and we have all the details right here. Michael Grant Terry (on "Bones" he was one of Dr. Brennan's many interns) is joining the supernatural cop drama for a multi-episode arc and will first appear in Ep. 2.08, entitled "The Other Side."

Syfy Ready to Suck the Blood Out of Labor Day with Vampire Marathon

Are you a vampire lover who's unhappy with what your beloved creatures have become thanks to modern cinema? Well, Syfy feels your pain and will be holding a Labor Day vampire movie marathon on Monday, September 3rd, featuring films that have put the bite back in the popular subgenre.

After Surviving Silent Hill Director Michael J. Bassett is Ready to Chase Da Vinci's Demons

So what's a director to do now that he's survived adapting Solomon Kane and come away from Silent Hill unscathed? Why, chase demons of course! Demons of the Da Vinci variety. Read on for more.

First Word on Being Human (UK) Series 5 - New Villain to Be Played by Phil Davis

We had mixed feelings about the fourth season of BBC Three's "Being Human" since it was such a departure from prior seasons, but we're still anxious to see what Tom, Hal, and Alex will be facing in Series 5. The first word of a new villain has come; read on for details!

Two More Actors Join ABC's 666 Park Avenue in Recurring Roles

Look for some new blood to check in to ABC's "666 Park Avenue" as both Enrique Murciano ("Without a Trace", "CSI", "NCIS") and Wendy Moniz ("One Life to Live", "Guiding Light", "Damages") have landed multi-episode arcs on the new series.

Lara Jean Chorostecki to Have Dinner with Hannibal at NBC

More casting news has come in for the NBC series based upon the exploits of the infamous character created by Thomas Harris, "Hannibal." Camelot actress Lara Jean Chorostecki has joined the cast of the series to play Freddie Lounds, the sleazy tabloid reporter.

Preview of Grimm Episode 2.02 - The Kiss

The race is on to save Juliette in the next episode of "Grimm," entitled "The Kiss," which also features guest stars James Frain, Jessica Tuck, Mike Dopud, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Check out the episode's preview right here.

Move to Holliston on Home Video

FEARnet's original horror sitcom "Holliston" is coming home for everyone to enjoy, and we've got all the details on the release right here for you! Check it out, and use this as a crash course in lunacy for Season Two!

Ringer Producers Head to New Orleans with NBC for New Gothic Chiller

The television series "Ringer" was a mess, but it was sleazy enough to keep us entertained. Sadly, it was shit-canned, but now the producers of that show have another genre card to play up their sleeves. Read on for details.

Breaking Bad's Mark Margolis Joins the Cast of Chiller Original Movie Beneath

You may not know the name, but if you watch AMC's "Breaking Bad," you definitely know the face (and finger) of Mark Margolis, who has joined the cast of Chiller TV's original movie Beneath.