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Go Inside Episode 10 of American Horror Story: Asylum and Play The Name Game Once More

We already had a chance to relive Sister Jude's very special rendition of "The Name Game" from Episode 10 of "American Horror Story: Asylum," and now it's time to go "Inside the Asylum" with a deeper look at the latest evil lurking behind the walls of Briarcliff Manor.

The Following Comes to Dread Central HQ

There's no question; when it comes to working for Dread Central, the high point of our day is when the mail arrives. You just never know what's gonna be there, and today we received a box of goodies for "The Following" that contained several shades of Seven!

Visit the Bates Motel in March

Bob DeBitetto, President and GM of A&E Network and Bio Channel, announced today that the highly anticipated new series "Bates Motel" will be making its premiere on Monday, March 18, at 10 PM ET/PT. Hint: You'd better shower first!

Sing Along with the Cast of American Horror Story: Asylum Performing The Name Game

Last night's episode of "American Horror Story: Asylum" was one of the most intense yet, but it also had some levity - like this musical interlude featuring Jessica Lange performing "The Name Game." Check out the video here, and exorcise your demons with a little music therapy.

Ryan Murphy Talks American Horror Story Season 3

"American Horror Story: Asylum" will be drawing to a close over the next few weeks, but that hasn't stopped co-creator Ryan Murphy from looking ahead to the next foray into this country's dirtiest little secrets.

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 11 - Spilt Milk

Finally "American Horror Story: Asylum" is back in the swing of things, and on tap right now for you cats is a preview of next week's Episode 11, "Spilt Milk." Check out all the ghoulish goodies to come right now. Dig it!

More Details on Supernatural Episode 8.11 - LARP and the Real Girl with Felicia Day

This past Halloween we learned that Felicia Day would be returning to The CW's "Supernatural," and now the network has revealed her episode's air date and synopsis. Check out more details on Episode 8.11, "LARP and the Real Girl."

Synopsis Released for The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.11 - Catch Me If You Can

We're still a couple of weeks away from the return of "The Vampire Diaries" on January 17th, but The CW is looking ahead to the 24th and has released the full synopsis for Episode 4.11, "Catch Me If You Can."

Another Look Inside BBC America's Ripper Street

We have just a few days to fill before the premiere of "Ripper Street" on BBC America, and the network has released another inside look at the new series - one which promises to be: "Gritty, Raw, Sweaty & Sexy!"

Shaky New Walking Dead Teaser Hits the Web

Now that 2013 is here, the wait for the February return of AMC's "The Walking Dead" doesn't seem nearly as far away. Who are we kidding? This month is gonna be grueling! In any event a new teaser has arrived, and one eagle-eyed viewer taped it off the TV. Check it out!

Go 'Inside The Following' with These Four New Videos

Ready to learn more about Fox's upcoming series "The Following"? We hope so because the network has released four new videos that go "Inside The Following": "What Is The Following?," "Other Characters," "Research & Style," and "The Thrill Ride."

Ring in the New Year with AMC's The Walking Dead Season 3 Marathon

Thankfully, the Mayans were wrong. The world didn't end, and the zombie apocalypse has been -- at least temporarily -- delayed. So what plans should you make now that New Year's Eve is a go? How about watching AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season 3 marathon?

Eli Roth Has a Bloody Ataque Al Corazon

Telenovelas are sacred ground for millions of Spanish-speaking fans around the world, but with the addition of Eli Roth to "Ataque Al Corazon" ("Attack the Heart") as Dr. Zacarias, these televised affairs of the heart have never been bloodier.

Mockingbird Lane Officially Closes its Doors

Ever since NBC aired its reinvention of "The Munsters," "Mockingbird Lane," as a Halloween special instead of a series, we've all been wondering if the network would decide to give the show a regular spin. Today the answer has come.

Prep for Being Human Season 3 with this Video Blow-Out!

Season 3 of Syfy's "Being Human" is taking viewers in some unexpected places, and to get you ready for the premiere on January 14th, here are some new videos about the show including "Differences Between the Seasons," "Monsters & Chemistry," and an interview with Amy Aquino, who plays a new character, Donna.