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New Synopses for Supernatural Ep. 8.13 - Everybody Hates Hitler and The Vampire Diaries Ep. 4.13 - Into the Wild

Time to look ahead to February as we now have official synopses for upcoming episodes of "Supernatural" and "The Vampire Diaries." Check out what's in store for fans on Feb. 6th and 7th in Ep. 8.13, "Everybody Hates Hitler," and Ep. 4.13, "Into the Wild," respectively.

Syfy Finalizing a Straight-to-Series Deal for Ron Moore's Helix

"Battlestar Galactica" fans will be happy to hear that show's developer/executive producer, Ron Moore, is close to finalizing a deal with Syfy for a 13-episode straight-to-series order for his new dark thriller, "Helix."

Lance Henriksen Heads Back to TV to Face Hannibal

Good news for fans of Lance Henriksen as TVLine is reporting that he has been tapped to guest star in an episode of NBC’s Bryan Fuller-produced drama "Hannibal" in a "top secret role" which may or may not have him on the menu!

New Cast Photo for The Following; Go Behind the Scenes of the Photo Shoot

A casting change was made in "The Following" after the pilot was filmed with Jeananne Goossen out as Jennifer Mason and Annie Parisse in as Debra Parker so a new publicity photo was released, and we have a look at it along with a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot itself.

Jeremy Carver's Producer Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.10 - Torn and Frayed

"Supernatural" is rarely better than when Mark Sheppard is onscreen as Crowley, and when "Supernatural" returns to The CW on January 16th, he's on the offensive. Check out a new preview of Episode 8.10, "Torn and Frayed," introduced by executive producer Jeremy Carver.

Being Human: Behind the Scenes Videos and a Sneak Peek of Episode 3.02 - (Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Vampire Aidan has taken over the "Being Human' Facebook page and unleashed a behind-the-scenes video blowout for Season 3. We also have a clip from Episode 3.02, "(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun."

Fox Goes Viral with a New Campaign for The Following

No doubt figuring we've seen just about enough regular promos for "The Following" by now, Fox has launched the IamforeverNEVERMORE YouTube channel with viral videos from fake news show "Scene of the Crime" featuring "Joe Carroll and the Winslow Murders" along with a few other creepy videos involving a man in a Poe mask.

The Vampire Diaries: Image Gallery for Episode 4.10 - After School Special - and Another Preview

Ready for another look at what "The Vampire Diaries" has in store for us this week when it returns with Episode 4.10, "After School Special"? Then check out this image gallery along with a new "Thirsty Wolf" promo from The CW.

The Walking Dead: Titles of Remaining Season 3 Episodes; Synopsis and New Promo for Ep. 3.09 - The Suicide King

Lots of "The Walking Dead" news today! After learning who the new showrunner will be, we found a third promo and synopsis for "The Suicide King" as well as titles of the remaining Season 3 episodes.

New Promo for The Following Promises Murder and Madness!

With its January 21st premiere date just a week away, another promo has arrived for Fox's new serial killer thriller "The Following," giving us a taste of the murder and madness to come!

The Walking Dead Scares Up a New Showrunner

We have some big news for fans of AMC's "The Walking Dead" who have been following the whole showrunner debacle: A new talent is now at the helm for Season Four. Read on for the latest on all things shambling and biting and a new promo video.

Sew Up an Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.10 - Torn and Frayed

We're finally just a few days away from the return of "Supernatural" to The CW, and to celebrate, we have an image gallery to share from Episode 8.10, "Torn and Frayed." Check it out!

French Zombie TV Series Les Revenants Gets English Language Redo in They Came Back

The popularity of the undead is still soaring amongst fans, so much so that everyone is mining away at any material that could be successful here in the States. That being said, Variety reports that an English language remake of the French show "Les Revenants" is on its way!

Rebekah's Back in This New Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.10 - After School Special

Now that Rebekah has returned, hopefully "The Vampire Diaries" can get back on track; and Episode 4.10, "After School Special," looks to be heading in the right direction. Check out another clip right here!

Get a Sneak Peek of the Opening Moments of Ripper Street

This coming Saturday, January 19th, "Ripper Street" premieres on BBC America, and we have a look at the opening three minutes of the show right here. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Whitechapel!