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Image Gallery and a Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.16 - Remember the Titans

"Supernatural" returns to one of this writer's favorite topics next week - mythology - with Episode 8.16, "Remember the Titans," and here are a preview, clip, and image gallery for the ep.

Official Synopsis for Cult Episode 1.04 - Get with the Program

So, after last night's series premiere, are you ready to join The CW's "Cult"? Still need to see more? We definitely do, and here's what's coming in Episode 1.04, "Get with the Program."

Orlando Jones and Katia Winter Losing Their Heads for Sleepy Hollow

Now we don't know about you guys, but when it comes to possible actors being cast for a new TV show based on the classic Washington Irving tale featuring the headless horseman, the first name that immediately springs to mind is Orlando Jones. Right?

Casting News for The Vampire Diaries - Bonnie Gets a New Mentor

At last some casting news has arrived for "The Vampire Diaries" that doesn't involved its potential spinoff series, "The Originals." Read on for the details of who will be playing Bonnie's new mentor in an upcoming episode.

Half a Dozen New Stills from The Walking Dead Episode 3.11 - I Ain't a Judas

Alrighty, survivors! It's time for a pictorial sneak peek from the next episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead." These latest stills should go along nicely with the recently released videos and get you geared up for this Sunday's day at the prison!

Zombieland - Kirk Ward found in Tallahassee

If you thought Woody Harrelson had a hard time finding Twinkies in the movie version of Zombieland, we can pretty much guarantee that the hunt will be even worse for Kirk Ward, who is stepping into Tallahassee's shoes for Amazon Studios' "Zombieland" TV show!

An Insider Look at The Following Episode 1.05 - The Siege and a Sneak Peek of Episode 1.06 - The Fall

"The Following" ended last night with a nice juicy cliffhanger so we know you're anxious to see what's coming next in Episode 1.06, "The Fall." But first let's get an "Insider" look at Episode 1.05, "The Siege."

Dare You Spend Five Minutes at the Bates Motel?

Alrighty, kids! Time for five minutes of video goodness that you're bound to go psycho for! A&E has released two new looks into the crazed world of young Norman Bates and his mother. Relax, take off your clothes, have a shower, and then take a look!

Preview and Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 3.07 - One Is Silver and the Other Pagan

We're pretty sure that deal Sally made with the wicked witch in last night's "Being Human" is going to come back to bite her... hard. But in the meantime it looks like next week's Episode 3.07, "One Is Silver and the Other Pagan," revolves around newbie werewolf Erin.

Merle Explains Things in This Second Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 3.11 - I Ain't a Judas

Merle (the great Michael Rooker) takes a moment to explain The Governor's character (or lack thereof) to Hershel (Scott Wilson) in this second clip from next Sunday's Episode 3.11 of "The Walking Dead," entitled "I Ain't a Judas." It comes to us by way of AMC's "Talking Dead."

We Stand By This Second Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.15 - Stand by Me

Ready for a second sneak peek of this week's Episode 4.15 of "The Vampire Diaries," entitled "Stand By Me"? Well, you better be because here it is!

Loads of Eye Candy for BBC America's Orphan Black

The first gallery images have arrived for BBC America's upcoming new original series "Orphan Black," which tells a story of doppelgangers and multiplicity created by director John Fawcett (Ginger Snaps, "Lost Girl") and writer Graeme Manson (Cube, "Flashpoint").

A Sneak Peek of Being Human (UK) Episode 5.04 - The Greater Good

UK fans of "Being Human" have just two episodes left before the series finale, and while we here in the States wait for word of when the show's last season is heading to BBC America, here's a clip from next Sunday's BBC Three installment, "The Greater Good."

The Walking Dead: Watch This Week's Talked About Scene from Episode 3.10 - Home

It had a lot of memorable moments, but the highlight of last night's Episode 3.10 of "The Walking Dead" had to be the finale. Who didn't stand up and cheer when two certain someones reappeared at just the right moment? Relive it now with this "Most Talked About Scene" video from AMC!

Be Betrayed by This Promo, a Clip, and New Still from The Walking Dead Episode 3.11 - I Ain't a Judas

And AMC's "The Walking Dead" continues to shamble its way through our lives while biting us appropriately. Time for a look at next week's episode, "I Ain't a Judas," which happens to be directed by genre legend Greg Nicotero. Dig it!