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Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter and Genre Vet John Shiban to Deliver Lucas Stand to FX

Now this one sounds really tasty. Deadline is reporting that "Sons of Anarchy" creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter is teaming with John Shiban ("Supernatural," "The X-Files," "The Vampire Diaries," Alien Raiders) to bring some new horror to the FX network.

Preview of and Two Clips from Being Human Episode 3.08 - Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland

We don't know about you guys, but we're still reeling a bit from the events of last night's "Being Human" - and thinking about that last shot of Sally's head! Here are a few sneak peeks of next week's Episode 3.08, "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland."

British Actor Tom Mison Joins Fox's Sleepy Hollow Pilot in Lead Role

More TV pilot news has come in today with word that Fox has found its Ichabod Crane for the Len Wiseman-directed pilot "Sleepy Hollow."

The Sixth Gun Aims at Laura Ramsey

NBC's "The Sixth Gun" has found its female lead in Laura Ramsey, who has snagged the role of farmer's daughter Becky Montcrief. Read on for details and to figure out if this is something you'd like to set your sights on.

ABC's Gothica Pilot Finds Its Van Helsing

Word came last week that ABC's pilot for "Gothica" was still hunting for someone to play the lead, Grace Van Helsing, but now the role has been filled by a rather familiar face. Read on for the details.

Misha Collins Returning as a Regular for Supernatural Season 9

Good news for all of our fellow Castiel fans out there who want more of his other-worldly madness... TV Guide is reporting that Misha Collins is being re-promoted to series regular in Season 9 of "Supernatural." And the angels sing!

Go Behind the Scenes of The Walking Dead Episode 3.11 - I Ain't a Judas

As is their weekly custom, AMC has posted three behind-the-scenes and making-of videos for the just aired episode of "The Walking Dead." Check out these looks inside Episode 3.11, "I Ain't a Judas," including a "talked about" scene in which Andrea has a surprise encounter.

Full Menu Revealed for NBC's Hannibal

NBC is as proud as a peacock about its new show based upon the exploits of everyone's favorite cannibal, "Hannibal", and to prove it, they have released a series of images devoted to everyone who's on the proverbial menu. Dig it!

First Look at BBC Three's New Zombie Show In the Flesh

BBC Three has a new three-part zombie drama in the works for airing later this year called "In the Flesh," and we have all the details, a few stills, and the first trailer for it right here. Shamble on in and check it all out!

A Sneak Peek of Being Human (UK) Episode 5.05 - No Care, All Responsibility

In next Sunday's Episode 5.05 of "Being Human" on BBC Three, entitled "No Care, All Responsibility," Tom gets worried when the new girl awakens "feelings" within him - is she really demon spawn? Check out a sneak peek right here!

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.11 - I Ain't a Judas

When the last episode ended, we were in the middle of a wild fire fight with the loss of a character and the relative safety of the prison shattered. This new episode dealt with the aftermath. The episode, entitled "I Ain't a Judas," was directed by Greg Nicotero.

See Clearly with These New Goodies from The Walking Dead Episode 3.12 - Clear

For us around here watching "The Walking Dead" is akin to the most important of Sunday services. That being said, get ready for a look at next week's episode, and start cutting the tension with one hell of a long knife!

Two More Clips from The Following Episode 1.06 - The Fall

A pair of new clips have popped up online for "The Following" Episode 1.06, "The Fall," and of course we have them both right here. As you might imagine, things aren't going so well at the farmhouse for our kidnappers.

Watch the First Four Minutes of Being Human Episode 3.07 - One Is Silver and the Other Pagan

We are really liking Syfy's habit of posting the first four minutes of each new installment of "Being Human" - too bad more shows aren't doing it! In any event, settle in cause here's the opening of Episode 3.07, "One Is Silver and the Other Pagan."

Get Indoctrinated with New Promo Photos and Videos for The CW's Cult

Ready to spend some time hanging out with The CW's "Cult"? Good thing because the network has sent over a batch of new promo photos and videos for the show. Check it all out right here!