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Meet Clarice Orsini in this New Da Vinci's Demons Featurette

A new featurette has arrived for Starz's upcoming "Da Vinci's Demons," in which we meet a 15th century version of Hillary Clinton: the elegant, beautiful, and deceptively powerful Clarice Orsini as portrayed by Lara Pulver.

New Writers Brought in for The Walking Dead; Show Reimagined as a 90's TV Series!

For Season 4 of "The Walking Dead," AMC has brought in two new writers to add to the team which will be spearheaded by new showrunner Scott Gimple. Read on for the details and a quick fan-made video of what the show would have looked like as a 1995 TV series.

Overflowing Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.17 - Goodbye Stranger

We're still a week away from the return of "Supernatural" on the 20th with Episode 8.17, "Goodbye Stranger," but to help ease the pain of waiting a bit, we have a huge gallery of close to 20 images to share.

New Images and a Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 3.10 - For Those About to Rot

Yep, it's official: This season of "Being Human" is full of win. While we weren't really digging Josh and Sally as "human," we couldn't be more pleased at the recent turn of events and can't wait to see more next week, especially since we get more Aidan flashbacks!

Skeet Ulrich to Topline CBS's Anatomy of Violence Pilot

More pilot casting news has arrived, and while we're still not sure if this one will be Dread-worthy, we like the direction it's heading in so we thought we'd share.

Starz Unveils a New Teaser for Da Vinci's Demons

We're just a month away from the April 12th debut of "Da Vinci's Demons" on Starz, and here's a new teaser for the series created by David S. Goyer that presents a never-before-seen portrayal of one of the most infamous historical figures of all time… Leonardo da Vinci.

Damon Visits Klaus in Another Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.16 - Bring It On

Two of our favorite bad boys face off in a new clip from this Thursday night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," entitled "Bring It On." Check it out as Damon (Ian Salvatore) tries to persuade Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to help him.

Casting Firms up for James Wong's Occult on A&E

With "Bates Motel" set to premiere in just a week, A&E looks to be adding another high profile genre project to its slate with James Wong's "Occult" pilot, which just landed its two lead actors. Read on for the details.

Go Inside and See the Making of The Walking Dead Episode 3.13 - Arrow on the Doorpost

Ready to go "inside" last night's episode "The Walking Dead" and also check out a making-of video of the ep? While overall it was pretty tense, there was a bit of comic relief as Daryl, Andrea, and Martinez competed to see who could take out the most walkers.

Promo, Clip, and Images from The Walking Dead Episode 3.14 - Prey

To say that there's a storm brewing between our favorite survivors at the prison and the maniacs at Woodbury is a bit of an understatement. Lines are ready to be drawn and then crossed as war is coming. Cast the first stone with your first look at "The Walking Dead" Episode 3.14, "Prey."

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.13 - Arrow on the Doorpost

After last week's successful weapons run on "The Walking Dead", we know both groups are gearing for an epic all-out war. But before then, Rick and the Governor are trying to reach for a peace agreement.

Dig on the First 6 Minutes of Bates Motel

Having already indulged ourselves with the first three episodes of "Bates Motel," we can happily say with a great deal of confidence that the show does deliver. To get you further prepped for its premiere, we now have the opening six minutes of Episode 1 for you to sample!

Easter Week on The CW: Synopses of Supernatural #8.18 - Freaks and Geeks; The Vampire Diaries #4.18 - American Gothic; and Cult #1.06 - The Good Fight

Hopefully you haven't given up horror TV for Lent because during the week leading up to Easter, The CW has on tap freaks, geeks, drug-induced hallucinations, and the return of some very familiar faces.

Image Gallery and Preview of Grimm Episode 2.14 - Natural Born Wesen

"Grimm" returned with a kick-ass episode tonight, and we have a look at what's ahead next week in Episode 2.14, "Natural Born Wesen." Check out a preview along with several stills.

Get with the Program and Watch a Preview of Cult Episode 1.04

We'll soon find out how "Cult" fares in its new Friday night time slot on The CW, but for now, if you're digging the show, just "Get with the Program" and watch a preview of next week's episode.