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The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Talks Showrunner Situation; New Stills from Ep. 3.13 - Arrow on the Doorpost

If there's one thing that'more controversial than the content of AMC's "The Walking Dead," it's the revolving showrunner door that's been in motion since Season 1.

A Sneak Peek of The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.16 - Bring It On

With "The Vampire Diaries" ready to return to The CW next Thursday, March 14th, the network has released a clip from the episode, entitled "Bring It On," and of course we have it for you right here.

A Pair of Clips and a Trio of Images from The Following Episode 1.08 - Welcome Home

We have a couple of new clips and three images for the upcoming Episode 1.08 of "The Following," entitled "Welcome Home," but just beware of spoilers if you're not caught up.

Watch the First Four Minutes of Being Human Episode 3.09 - Of Mice and Wolfmen

Now that "Being Human" has entered full-blown zombie territory, we couldn't be loving this season any more. If you agree, check out the first four minutes of next week's Episode 3.09, "Of Mice and Wolfmen."

Three TV Spots For Hannibal Fresh Out of the Oven

We are just a few weeks away from the premiere of the NBC show based upon the crazed world of Hannibal the Cannibal Lecter, and the TV spots have begun rolling in. Would author Thomas Harris be proud or will this series lack the necessary bite? Take a look!

New In The Flesh Videos Will Help You Survive the Undead Uprising

The zombie apocalypse, just like anything else, comes with its own set of monster-sized headaches. Good thing for us that BBC Three has released a set of videos to help us get through this most tumultuous of times.

Omar Epps Has the Juice in The Returned

More casting news is coming in for the ABC pilot "The Returned" as Omar Epps has signed on to the project to play a man with a lot on his mind. You know, the whole people who were long thought dead coming back thing can be stressful.

Teen Wolf Season 2 Howls its Way to Home Video

Much to our surprise MTV's "Teen Wolf" series is a lot better than we had expected it to be. Sure, it has its cheesy (and holy cow, do we mean cheesy) points, but for the most part the past two seasons have been fun, and now that it's hitting DVD, you can see for yourself.

Meet Sarah and Felix in These New Orphan Black Inside Look Videos

We're closing in on the March 30th premiere of "Orphan Black" on BBC America, and the network is doling out the goods for its new show. On tap today we have videos introducing us to both the main character, Sarah, and Felix, her foster brother and confidante.

Two More Clips and Several Interviews for Grimm's March 8th Return

Tomorrow night our patience pays off as "Grimm" finally returns to NBC with Episode 2.13, "Face Off," and we have two more clips from the ep as well as several cast interviews to share.

A Producer's Preview of Cult Episode 1.03 - Being Billy

It'll be interesting to see how The CW's "Cult" fares on Friday nights, and in advance of the show's first airing on its new day, we have a "Producer's Preview" of Episode 1.03, "Being Billy," in which creator Rockne S. O'Bannon talks about the latest deadly craze to hit college campuses.

The Following: Insider Look at Ep. 1.07 - Let Me Go, New Promo, and a Preview of Ep. 1.08 - Welcome Home

We're at the halfway point of the 15-episode Season 1 of "The Following," and here's an "Insider" look at this week's episode along with a new "movie trailer" promo and a preview of next week's Episode 1.08, "Welcome Home."

Another Look at the Cast of Hannibal

Not too long ago NBC released a batch of photos showing off the cast of the network's upcoming series "Hannibal," and now they've provided us with a gallery's worth of new images of basically the same people in different poses.

The Harlem Shake... Supernatural Style

In between saving the world from the apocalypse, hunting random demons, and well... eating, Sam, Dean, and the rest of the "Supernatural" crew decided to offer up their own take on the latest bit of viral madness, The Harlem Shake. Dig it!

The Cast and Crew Conjure Da Vinci's Demons in New Featurette

Starz has released a new featurette for its upcoming original series “Da Vinci’s Demons,” premiering Friday, April 12th. The series is created by David S. Goyer and presents a never-before-seen portrayal of one of the most infamous historical figures of all time… Leonardo da Vinci.