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Plot Details Arrive for Upcoming Season 8 of Dexter

"Dexter" Season 8, starring Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, premieres on June 30th, and today Showtime put out an official press release that's home to the first synopsis pertaining to the upcoming return of the Dark Passenger along with an extremely entertaining new video compilation of Dexter's best excuses from the last 7 seasons.

David Giuntoli on Grimm's Deadly Finale, What Nick Would Do in His Downtime, the Undead in Portland, and Much More

"Grimm" was recently renewed for a third season, and big surprises are in store for the finale, which airs on May 21st, with David Giuntoli teasing that one of the cast may not live through it.

Hannibal's Unaired Episode 1.04 - Oeuf - Now Available on iTunes

Well, well, that didn't take long. For those of us who were bummed to miss out on seeing "Hannibal" Episode 1.04, "Oeuf," in its entirety due NBC's "sensitivity" issues, it's now available on iTunes!

Preview of Bates Motel Episode 1.08 - A Boy and His Dog

Based on the title and description of next week's Episode 1.08 of "Bates Motel," which is called "A Boy and His Dog," we have a feeling animal lovers might want to steer clear. Check out a preview along with a look "inside" last night's ep, "The Man in Number 9."

Miss The Walking Dead? Go Behind the Scenes of Season 3 with Some New Photos

Sure, we have "Mad Men" and "Game of Thrones" to watch on Sunday nights now, but nothing compares to "The Walking Dead." AMC must realize that as they've released some new behind-the-scenes looks at Season 3.

Get a Blast from the Past with a New Dexter Audio Wrap-Up Podcast with Rita and Lila

Remember those "Wrap-Up" podcasts Showtime posted last year after every episode of "Dexter"? Well, they're baaaaack! In this installment producer Scott Reynolds sits down with Julie Benz (Rita) and Jaime Murray (Lila).

Make a Date with FEARnet's Reaper Reunion Special

FEARnet's "Reaper" reunion special is officially in the can, and we have all the details concerning when you'll be able to reunite with all your favorite stars for a night of devilish hijinx on the genre's quickest growing horror channel!

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.19 - Endangered

"Grimm" airs its first Tuesday night episode tomorrow, April 30th, and if you watched the last installment, you know Juliette is getting her memories of Nick back. In Episode 2.19, "Endangered," she visits Monroe for more help, and here's a sneak peek of their conversation.

Gabourey Sidibe Brings Her Precious to American Horror Story: Coven

Good news for fans of "American Horror Story"! According to Ryan Murphy on Twitter, Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) has signed on for active duty for the show's third season, which has been dubbed "American Horror Story: Coven."

Exclusive: Executive Producer Marcos Siega Talks The Following, What Makes Serial Killers Terrifying, and Much More

"The Following" Season 1 finale airs tonight on Fox, and we recently chatted with Executive Producer Marcos Siega about the finer details of the show, how it evolved to this point, and what will happen next as Joe’s vulnerabilities start to bleed to the surface.

Go Behind the Scenes of Dexter

Time to go behind the scenes of the upcoming season of Showtime's "Dexter." Your tour guide around Miami's brightest and bloodiest? Angel himself, David Zayas. Check it out and look for more leading up to the summer return of the Dark Passenger.

New True Blood Teaser Promises Blood Will Spill in Season 6

Remember when "True Blood" first started and introduced us to the beverage known as True Blood? Those sure were the good old days! Let's hope this new teaser for Season 6 focusing on a bottle of the stuff is a precursor to the show's return to better times.

NBC to Air Remaining Do No Harm Episodes on Saturday Nights Beginning in Late June

Were you among the tiny group who checked out "Do No Harm" before NBC yanked it after just two episodes due to its abysmal ratings? Or maybe you're curious as to exactly how bad it was. Well, you'll all have a chance to watch the remaining eps beginning June 29th.

Dueling Dexter Promos Go Through the Emotions of Dex and Deb

Two new promo spots have landed online from Showtime for the eighth and final season of "Dexter": One looks behind Dex's mask, and the other wonders if Deb is a killer or just an innocent victim. You decide!

Ryan and Emma Meet Up in New Clip from The Following Season Finale Episode 1.15 - The Final Chapter

We're just a day away from the season finale of "The Following" (look for our exclusive interview with Executive Producer Marcos Siega Monday morning), and to get you ready for "The Final Chapter," we have a new clip in which Emma has Ryan right where she wants him.