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Flip Your Tassel with this Preview of The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Episode 4.23 - Graduation

With all "The Vampire Diaries" leads now well into their 20's (and in some cases 30's), it's about damn time they graduated from high school; and finally in next week's Episode 4.23, "Graduation," they do just that. Well, most of them do. Check out a preview.

First Official Still from The Walking Dead Season 4

Filming is already under way on the fourth season of AMC's runaway hit series "The Walking Dead" based on the world created by Robert Kirkman, and the network has released the first official still. Check it out!

Syfy Renews Defiance and Promises More Action and Intrigue in Season 2

With its great ratings, plus the popularity of its video game tie-in, it was a no-brainer that Syfy would renew "Defiance" for another season; and to celebrate the news, we have a look at the first four minutes of Episode 1.05, "The Serpent's Egg."

Latest Horror Pilot Pickups: A&E's Those Who Kill, NBC's Believe, and The CW's The Tomorrow People

Ready for your DVR to get even more crowded? More pilot pickup announcements have come our way, and we have all the horror highlights right here for you!

Elena's Katherine Obsession Grows in this Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.22 - The Walking Dead

Is it narcissistic or just weird to be as obsessed with someone who looks exactly like you as Elena is in this clip from tonight's ep of "The Vampire Diaries"? Watch Caroline try to be nice to the new (or is it old?) Elena, and prep for next week's finale, when the "cure" storyline will finally end.

Get a Sneak Peek of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

The Winchesters offer to show Crowley theirs if he'll show them his in this clip from the Season 8 finale, Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice." What exactly are they all "showing"? Not their dangly bits, that's for sure! Watch it and find out!

Syfy Airing a Slew of Corman Creature Features and Lots More over Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Fan of Corman creature features? What about Mega Vs. flicks? Been wanting to catch up with "Defiance"? Well, this coming Memorial Day weekend, Syfy has you covered on all counts!

Image Gallery for Supernatural Season Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

With the fate of both Heaven and Hell hanging in the balance, we're looking for any info we can get on the Season 8 finale of "Supernatural," entitled "Sacrifice." Will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Check out these stills for clues!

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the True Blood Season 6 Premiere; New Artwork Unveiled

HBO has unveiled some new artwork for the sixth season of "True Blood," and we have a look at it right here along with a behind-the-scenes peek at Stephen Moyer directing his off-screen spouse, Anna Paquin, in the premiere episode.

Make the Ultimate "Sacrifice" and Watch a Preview of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale

Hard to believe, but it's already time for the "Supernatural" Season 8 finale, and we have a preview of Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice," to share. Will Sam be successful in the Third Trial? Only time will tell!

Fox TV Picks Up - and Gives Us a First Look at - Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human

The TV Upfronts begin next week, but already the networks are making announcements to attract advertisers. Fox picked up four new shows, including one we've had our eyes on for a while: "Sleepy Hollow," directed by Len Wiseman. We have all the details and some early photos.

It's Ladies Only in These Photos from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.22 - The Walking Dead

A few new stills and a promo poster for "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 4.22, "The Walking Dead," have arrived, featuring Caroline, Bonnie, and yes, even Katherine, whom fans seem to definitely prefer over Elena these days.

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead

Sometimes you do get what you ask for! Just yesterday we were complaining that NBC hadn't released any images yet from "Grimm" Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead," and just like that - here they are! Minus zombies unfortunately, but you can see a few in the preview.

Zombies Invade Portland in this Preview of Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead

With just two more weeks left in this season of "Grimm," NBC is being stingy doling out the goods. We haven't seen any stills from the upcoming Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead," yet; but at least we can share a preview of what happens when zombies descend on Portland.

Dexter's Greatest Kills on Display in Latest Clip

Since his blood slide collection got more than just a little screwed up, this latest promo video for "Dexter" Season 8 helps Dex to enjoy his many victims in a whole new way! Check it out!