Horror TV

A&E Takes Those Who Kill Off the Schedule; Moves Bates Motel to 10PM

After airing just two episodes, A&E has pulled its new series "Those Who Kill" off the air and will move "Bates Motel" to its 10PM time slot on Monday nights, beginning immediately.

First Look at Zoe Saldana in Rosemary's Baby

Entertainment Weekly got the first official stills from NBC's reimagined "Rosemary's Baby," and through the magic of the Internet and with the help of some Satanist neighbors hellbent on bringing forth the Antichrist, we have 'em for you right here!

See Salem's Latest Torture Device and Lots of New Key Art

We're just a little over a month away from the premiere of WGN America's "Salem," and a couple of new posters have arrived along with some pretty cool promotional items - like "The Pear of Anguish," featured on the show's Facebook page.

Robert Rodriguez Says From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Is Better than the Movie

Last night was the premiere of "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" on El Rey Network. While promoting the show, Robert Rodriguez had some pretty interesting things to say about it and the movie it's based on. Read on for that plus the full Q&A from the Alamo Drafthouse screening event.

Claire Holt's Exit as a Regular on The Originals Confirmed

Fans of "The Originals" got a bit of a jolt last night as Rebekah drove off into the sunset, leaving us to wonder if she's gone for good or just taking a break from her battling brothers. Well, today the official word has come...

Lead Actress Found for The CW's iZombie Pilot

A few days ago when another actor joined The CW's "iZombie" pilot, we wondered when they'd land their lead actress, and now we wonder no longer as word has come that it will be Rose McIver ("Once Upon a Time," "Masters of Sex").

Unearth a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.15 - Once We Were Gods

Nick hits a brick wall while trying to deal with an archaeologist who has unearthed what may be the most important scientific discovery in human history in this clip from "Grimm" Episode 3.15, "Once We Were Gods."

SXSW 2014: Go Behind the Scenes of the Penny Dreadful Premiere

Showtime debuted its new "Penny Dreadful" at SXSW this past Sunday night, March 9th, and has released a video of the highlights, which include cast and crew interviews, crowd reactions, a bit of footage from the series, and more.

Teen Wolf's Lacrosse Team Expands by Three in Season 4

We got the word several months ago that "Teen Wolf" has been renewed for another year, and now we have some info on three actors who will be joining the high school lacrosse team when Season 4 kicks off later this year.

It's Party Time in this Extended Preview of The Originals Episode 1.17 - Moon Over Bourbon Street

It's bedlam out there! Witches attacking vampires, vampires devouring locals... and that's just the beginning of what's ahead in "The Originals" Episode 1.17, "Moon Over Bourbon Street." Here's the extended preview.

Dean Scolds Crowley in this Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 9.16 - Blade Runners

"Supernatural" is a repeat tonight so to make sure we don't miss the Winchesters too much, The CW has released a clip from next week's Episode 9.16, "Blade Runners," in which Dean reminds Crowley he's the King of Rotten and needs to act like it!

Aidan and Sally Take on the Wolves in this Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 4.10 - Oh Don't You Die for Me

Did everyone enjoy the alternate universe "Being Human" visited these past few weeks? Thankfully things are back to "normal" (whatever that means!) in Episode 4.10, "Oh Don't You Die for Me," and here's a sneak peek.

David S. Goyer Reveals Constantine TV Pilot Details

NBC's small screen adaptation of the comic series based on the Alan Moore-created character John Constantine finds its way in front of cameras next week, with the pilot episode being filmed. Perfect time to catch up with writer/producer David S. Goyer and talk about the show? You bet!

Evan Goldberg Says Preacher Adaptation Will Remain Faithful to Comics

Last month we learned that powerhouse duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are penning a small screen adaptation of the Garth Ennis-created comic series Preacher for AMC, and today comes word from Goldberg about the status of the project. Read on!

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series to Hit All Major Online Avenues

Do you really want to see the El Rey Network's "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" but don't have the channel because your cable or satellite provider sucks ass? Well, don't worry, kids! Help is on the way!