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Felicia Day Returns in Supernatural Episode 8.20 - Pac-Man Fever; See the Synopsis and Preview!

It's spring break time on The CW with the next episode of "Supernatural" not arriving until April 24th. But since it features the return of Felicia Day, we're happy to wait for "Pac-Man Fever"!

Joe Begins to Unravel in this Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 1.12 - The Curse

A new clip has arrived from Episode 1.12 of "The Following," entitled "The Curse," and instead of series creator Kevin Williamson narrating it, this time around we have writer Amanda Kate Shuman giving us the lowdown.

Demand Some Answers from this Sneak Peek of Orphan Black Episode 1.02 - Instinct

It's time to dig a bit deeper into the mystery of BBC America's "Orphan Black" as a new clip and promo have arrived for Episode 1.02, "Instinct." Check 'em out, and be sure to tune in this weekend immediately following a new episode of "Doctor Who," presented by Supernatural Saturday.

Child's Play - A Look Back at Long Lost Kid Friendly Horror TV Shows!

A lot of people ask me, "Creepy, how did you first come to love horror movies so much?" Well, growing up in the Seventies, there was plenty to go around. There were TV classics like Gargoyles, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, and any number of TV Movies of the Week, and there was also...

Monroe Suspects a Wesen of Jury Tampering in this Clip from Grimm #2.17 - One Angry Fuchsbau

Monroe clues Nick and Hank in on some courtroom shenanigans involving a Ziegevolk lawyer who's using his powers to manipulate a jury--which Rosalee happens to be sitting on--in this clip from "Grimm" Episode 2.17, "One Angry Fuchsbau."

Tread on Dangerous Ground and Watch Three Clips from Hannibal

With "Hannibal" debuting in just a few hours, NBC seems to be done teasing us with tidbits from the show, instead opting to provide us with three nice, juicy clips from the premiere. Check 'em all out right here!

Get an Unexpected Surprise in this Promo for The Following Episode 1.12 - The Curse

Fox has finally posted a promo and new still from next week's episode of "The Following," entitled "The Curse." With just four episodes left and ratings slipping a bit, they need to go out with a bang, and it looks like that's exactly what they have planned.

Bite-Sized Walking Dead Season 4 News: New Regulars! Andrea Returning?

There's nothing too earth-shattering to report here, but since you guys like to be kept abreast (and a leg and an arm) of just about everything that goes on in the world of "The Walking Dead," there have been a couple of smallish developments pertaining to Season 4.

New Image from Amazon's Zombieland Needs Oral Adhesive

The main thing that sucks about being an elderly zombie? Unless you have your teeth, you're gonna have to gum your human flesh food. If you're lucky enough to have croaked with your dentures in, as you'll see in this new still from "Zombieland," the bond is anything but permanent!

Syfy Calls in an Exit

And the search for an ongoing reality show with legs and staying power continues for the Syfy Channel. After the abysmal "Ghost Mine" lord knows they could use something with a bit more bite. Speaking of which...

NBC Invites You to Watch One More Teaser for the Premiere of Hannibal

Here we are, just a day away from the premiere of "Hannibal" on NBC, and what should be the last teaser for the show has arrived. All we want to know is if director David Slade has finally put his Twilight days behind him and crafted something horror fans can really sink their teeth into!

Battledogs Take a Bite out of Syfy! Check out the Trailer!

Cry havoc! We have the first trailer from this weekend's Syfy offering Battledogs locked, loaded, and ready to set forth a stream of deadly pee all over this floating fire hydrant we call Earth. Check it out.

Trust Us - You Don't Want to Miss This New Still and Promo for Bates Motel Episode 1.04 - Trust Me

We were lucky to see the first three episodes of "Bates Motel" before they aired, but now we're in the same boat as everyone else, having to wait until Monday for a new installment. Here's a look at the upcoming Episode 1.04, "Trust Me."

Robert Kirkman Talks More About The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale and What's Ahead for Season 4

With "The Walking Dead" Season 3 officially in the books, creator Robert Kirkman recently sat down with IGN to discuss the season that was, but the really juicy stuff is what the man had to say about what's next for our survivors.

Go Behind the Scenes of the Hannibal Premiere Episode 1.01 - Aperitif

Are you guys as excited as we are for tomorrow's premiere of "Hannibal" on NBC? We're devouring every sweet morsel of info about the show we can find, and if you're the same, here's a behind-the-scenes look at Episode 1.01, "Aperitif."