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Dexter Star Sam Underwood Becomes Part of The Following

More casting news has come in regarding the second season of Fox's hit show "The Following" as the new kid on "Dexter"'s kill table, Sam Underwood, has signed up for active duty. Read on for details.

CBS Puts in an Order for Extant

It's been awhile since last there was any talk of writer Mickey Fisher's sci-fi thriller Extant, but news has come and it's very good! Read on for all the details that remain in existence! Dig it!

A Look Inside The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray Special Features

"The Walking Dead" Season 3 is officially on its way to Blu-ray and DVD, and on tap right now we have a glimpse at two of the package's featurettes. Check 'em out and be happy that its release is right around the corner!

It's Retired Commandos vs. Aliens in Syfy's Invasion Roswell

For the past couple years it seems like every movie that's aired on Syfy has centered around some sort of giant hybrid animal creature, so I guess it can be considered somewhat of a breath of fresh air that the network is next taking on aliens.

Charles Michael Davis Talks Marcel and Klaus' Complex Relationship on The Originals

One thing "The Originals" has going for it is that it's centered around actual adults instead of high school kids, and one of the most interesting members of the show's cast looks to be Charles Michael Davis as Marcel.

Battlestar Galactica's Tahmoh Penikett Guest Starring in Supernatural Season 9 Premiere

Canadian actor Tahmoh Penikett is best known for playing Karl "Helo" Agathon in "Battlestar Galactica," but he has plenty of other cool projects under his belt, with the one of the coolest being a guest starring role in the "Supernatural" Season 9 premiere.

First American Horror Story: Coven Promo Sends You to Detention

Alrighty, kids! The wait is over! On tap right now is the first official promo video for FX's upcoming series event "American Horror Story: Coven." Check out the very first 18 seconds of spooky right here right now!

ABC Announces the Premiere Date of Resurrection; Check Out Our Overflowing Image Gallery

ABC is currently the least horror-friendly network on the air, and we're still not sure if its upcoming "Resurrection" will appeal to the genre crowd; but now that the series has a premiere date, we thought we'd pass it on so you can judge for yourselves.

Deb Lays Down the Law in This Clip from Dexter Episode 8.07 - Dress Code

Another clip from this coming Sunday night's Episode 8.07 of "Dexter," entitled "Dress Code," has arrived, and it's pretty clear that Deb is none too pleased about Hannah's return. Could a return trip to Dex's table be in Ms. McKay's future?

Exclusive Interview: Creator Chris Carter Looks Back at The X-Files, Discusses Potential Third Movie and More

Even though I generally don't struggle with words, when it comes to my total adoration of anything "X-Files" related, I'm often tongue-twisted. When Chris Carter's series first debuted in September 1993, everything for me as a genre fan changed.

Image Gallery and Preview of Under the Dome Episode 1.08 - Thicker Than Water

Luckily, most DC staffers aren't affected by Time Warner's blackout of CBS (although a few of us are waiting for Showtime to return) so we're all caught up with "Under the Dome." If you are, too, here's a preview of next week's Episode 1.08, "Thicker Than Water," along with several stills.

Gear Up for the Holliston Season 2 Finale with Dyver Down's First Music Video!

If you haven't been watching "Holliston" over on FEARnet, now in its second season, then you have been missing out on a show that has proven itself time and time again to be a real treat for horror fans.

Premiere Date for American Horror Story: Coven Set; First Three Episodes Titled

Wanna know when you'll be able to start chillin' with the witchy women of "American Horror Story: Coven?" Well then, read on as we have the start date as well as the titles of the first few episodes. Dig it!

Officially Licensed Dexter Replica Props to Die for

Speaking as a victim of the Time Warner Cable/CBS Blackout Kill Table, words cannot describe how irritated I am that we couldn't tune in to "Dexter" last night. Thankfully the good folks over at Cloned Replicas managed to put a bit of a smile on my face.

#SDCC 2013 Exclusive Video Part 1: Adam Green on His Holliston Fans, New Lance Rocket Music Video and More

While in San Diego for Comic-Con just a few weeks ago, Dread Central sat down to chat with the multi-talented Adam Green to catch up on several of his projects including "Holliston" and his latest directorial effort, Digging Up the Marrow.