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Fox Unveils Two New Promos for Sleepy Hollow

Am I alone in thinking Fox's upcoming new take on "Sleepy Hollow" looks like a helluva lot of fun? Check out these two new promos for the show, and let us know what you think!

Prep for the Grimm Season 2 Finale with a Look at What Scares the Cast

Excited for tomorrow night's Season 2 finale of "Grimm," entitled "Good Night, Sweet Grimm"? Here's a way to kill a little time between now and then: Watch co-stars David Giuntoli, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Bree Turner share what scares them the most.

Official Trailer Arrives for Teen Wolf Season 3

Timing truly is everything! Just a few days after our recent story reminding everyone that "Teen Wolf" Season 3 debuts on June 3rd, MTV has released the season's full official trailer along with word that catch-up show “Teen Wolf: Back to the Pack” will air on May 27th.

First Look Photos from The CW's Star-Crossed and The 100

The CW is holding both "Star-Crossed" and "The 100" in reserve for mid-season duty, but during the recent TV Upfronts they released a few photos from each show's pilot, and we have a look at them all right here.

Get Another Behind-the-Scenes Look at Dexter Season 8

Another behind-the-scenes video has arrived for "Dexter" Season 8, and it's loaded with more hints and sneak peeks of what's ahead in the show's final season. Check it out, and get ready for the ride we're sure to go on as... The End Begins.

Enjoy Today with These First Images from The Tomorrow People

The fact that The CW's new series "The Tomorrow People" is providing a regular home for the wonderful Mark Pellegrino is reason enough to give it a shot, but it will also be interesting to see if lightning can strike twice for the Amell family - on the same night.

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.22 - Goodnight, Sweet Grimm - and a Look Back at the Wesen of Season 2

NBC hasn't made it easy to stick with "Grimm," what with a long hiatus and then a move to Tuesday, but it was well worth it. And the payoff comes in a few days with Episode 2.22, "Good Night, Sweet Grimm." Here are a clip and a look back at Season 2's most memorable Wesen.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Promos/Sneak Peeks, Behind-the-Scenes Videos, and Teasers from Creator Jeff Davis

With Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" set to debut on MTV Monday, June 3rd, we've gotten hold of some previews and behind-the-scenes videos along with a few teasers from series creator Jeff Davis straight from the set.

Get a Better Look at The Originals

Now that the spring TV Upfronts are over, we can catch our breath and start doling out some of the goods that the networks provided during the week. First up are a few new images from The CW's "The Originals."

Dex and Deb Battle Their Demons in the Official Trailer for Dexter Season 8

Finally, after a slew of promos and teasers, the full official trailer for "Dexter" Season 8 is here; and we just have to say that after watching it, despite the past two lackluster seasons, we cannot wait to see how it all ends!

First Teaser Promo for BBC America's In the Flesh

BBC America has released its first teaser promo for "In the Flesh," which is airing as a special three-night premiere event beginning Thursday, June 6th, at 10:00pm ET/PT. Check it out, and let us know if you're planning to watch. We certainly are!

Watch Some Mother/Son Bonding in this Clip from the Bates Motel Season Finale Episode 1.10 - Midnight

Hands down the most bizarre mother/son team on TV is comprised of Norma and Norman Bates, and we have a clip from Monday's season finale, Episode 1.10 - "Midnight," that shows them at their finest. We've also gotten our hands on a slightly different preview to share.

Exclusive: Jordan Gavaris Discusses BBC America's Orphan Black, Clones and Much More

BBC America's conspiracy clone thriller Orphan Black was renewed for a second season, and we recently chatted with Jordan Gavaris about his character Felix, how he got involved on the show and much more.

Amazon Not Moving Forward with Zombieland the Series; Is Fan Hate to Blame?

"Zombieland" co-writer/executive producer Rhett Reese took to Twitter to vent a bit upon hearing the news that Amazon will not be moving forward with the series. While reviews were definitely mixed, he seemed to place the blame on fans of the film who refused to embrace the concept.

Will Is on the Edge in this Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.09 - Trou Normand

We've been talking about Lance Henriksen's appearance on "Hannibal" for a while now, and finally next week in Episode 1.09, "Trou Normand," we'll get to see it. Check out this preview of the ep, in which Will begins to suspect there is something seriously wrong.