horror spoof

Marlon Wayans is a Smart Ass. Anyone Shocked?

Here's a surprise! Cinéma vérité style films rake in mucho box office dollars, and now one of the Wayans brothers want to spoof them! Who would have thunk it?!?!

One Scary Modern Family - Another American Horror Story

If "American Horror Story" proved anything at all, it's that sometimes family can be some of the spookiest folks you end up meeting and spending time with during your life. The show met with great success, and a second season at this point is kind of a no-brainer. But what if another TV family was more concerned with bringing the spooky than it was delivering wholesome sitcom tomfoolery?

Stan Helsing Takes It to the Streets!

October 23rd, the date when horror spoof Stan Helsing opens in a limited theatrical release (followed on DVD and Blu-ray a few short days thereafter on October 27th), is fast approaching. Anchor Bay has provided us with a pretty funny "man on the street" type interview video that should go a long way toward ensuring the film isn't forgotten in all the pre-Halloween excitement.

Blair Witch Co-Creator Goes ParaAbnormal

Now this is an idea with potential. It seems like every paranormal investigator in the world has his own show now, and you can always tell when something has lingered in the public consciousness for too long when it gets its own parody. That's exactly what's happening with ParaAbnormal, a comedy web series about a group of intrepid ghost hunters.