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Exclusive - Art Bell Addresses Sirius Radio Dark Matter Departure

Legendary paranormal radio talk show host Art Bell began his latest broadcast endeavor with Sirius satellite radio several weeks ago. Entitled Dark Matter, the show was an instant hit with fans both new and old. Sadly, it seems as if Bell is now leaving the program. Read on for his comments.

Join Dread Central's Sean Decker, The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, and More Tonight on TradioV

Looking for something audibly spooky to spend some time with this evening? Of course you are! Hell, most of us look for that kind of entertainment all year, but tonight we have something special.

Tales From Beyond the Pale - Hear an Exclusive Sample from The Crush by Glenn McQuaid

Last Friday kicked off Season 2 of Tales From Beyond the Pale. Today we have an exclusive sample of one of the audio terror tales: The Crush" by Glenn McQuaid, featuring Sean Young as Loretta and Matthew Stephen Huffman as John.

Breaking News - Art Bell Returning to Radio

Legendary paranormal radio talk show host Art Bell is getting ready to take to the airwaves again, and we couldn't be more pleased. In our opinion his replacement on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory, could never hold a candle to the man, so the fact that he'll be doing his thing again fills us with joy!

The Bloodbath Theory - Horror Radio Interview with Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings

Hey there, horror geeks! The laboratory we call The BloodBath Theory has moved back to Zombie 13 Radio, and we are here to stay! Amy and I will continue to bring you the science of horror and of course a heaping helping of special guests!

The Bloodbath Theory - Horror Radio Interview with The Exorcist's Eileen Dietz

Hey there, gore geeks! So happy to be back with THREE YEARS in the horror business under my belt! Join Amy Lynes and myself for the first episode of Dread Central and Dark Moon Press Presents The BloodBath Theory on SpookShow TV and right here at Dread Central!

Horror Talk Radio Is Back with Dread Central's The Bloodbath Theory

Last year we stepped into horror radio with the Dungeon of Deadly Delights, which offered an intimate look at the people who make horror great. The show's hosts slid into their graves for a well needed slumber, but now Rob DiLauro and his wicked sister Amy Lynes are back!

Sirius XM Offers Two Nights of Suspense Starting this Week

Starting this week, fans of the radio anthology series Suspense will be able to hear new versions of their favorite classics broadcast on Sirius XM BookRadio 80 two nights a week.

Blue Hours Reviving Horror Radio Anthology Suspense to Air on SiriusXM This Fall

This latest bit of news should be music to the ears of all our readers who enjoy a bit of horror radio now and again. Blue Hours Productions is reviving the classic radio anthology series Suspense, and it will begin airing on SiriusXM Satellite Radio this fall.

P.J. Soles Enters Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights

Hey there, fiends! Last week was an absolutely incredible week! The show has hit a landmark - our one-year anniversary! It is so amazing to me that only two years ago I was a "substitute" horror journalist at another website.

Tom Towles and Michael Rooker Enter Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights

Hey there Fiends! Another great show this week in The Dungeon! This time around we had quite a historic episode. The show was called "It's A HENRY Kind Of Night!"

Sid Haig Enters Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights

Hey there, Fiends! Oh man! Tons to mention this time around! First of all, I just returned from the killer Motor City Nightmares convention, and what can I say? It was not only a kick-ass time, but it also made some nightmares come true.

Patricia Tallman Enters Delamorte's Dungeon Of Deadly Delights

What is up Fiends! It's another great day as the darkness looms overhead! I feel like taking my black carriage out for a spin to haunt the locals! But first, I wanted to let you all in on this week's episode of The Dungeon!

Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights: Surviving with T-Dog Himself - IronE Singleton

What's up survivors? It's yet another awesome episode of Delamorte's Dungeon Of Deadly Delights, brought you every week by Jackalope Radio ... and of course, the almighty Dread Central! This week the undead hordes invaded the outside of our underground lair.

Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights: Sybil Danning Part 2

Hey there, Fiends! First of all I would like to wish you all a happy Easter and hope that you have had a killer day! On to the show! Last night we concluded our once in a lifetime interview with the absolutely amazing Sybil Danning!