Horror News

Half Moon Trailer Rises

The trailer for indie horror flick Half Moon featuring the latest adult film star to cross over into the 'mainstream' by way of the horror genre, Tori Black, has just debuted, and we have it for you right here!

Scream Until Morning with the Trailer Debut of The Night Shift

We've been telling you about Thomas Smith's horror comedy The Night Shift for quite some time now. Well, the time has come to stop talking and start seeing! That's right, kids! Time for another trailer debut!

Patrick Lussier Has Such Sights to Show Us with Hellraiser

By now everyone knows that Patrick Lussier is the man who’ll be reinvigorating the Hellraiser franchise for The Weinstein Company. Touching a modern-day masterpiece is both a daunting task and an unwinnable situation for any filmmaker, but Lussier sounds like he has a plan.

Tori Black Wallows in the Half Moon

Tori Black becomes the latest adult film star to cross over into the 'mainstream' by way of the horror genre with the indie horror flick Half Moon - dated to hit DVD on March 1st.

Vote for the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards

Forget the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and all those other mainstream awards shows. What we have here are the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards celebrating the very best films, actors, and moments the horror genre had to offer in 2010. Where else do breasts get their own category?!?

Horror Web Series Fractures Is Coming

Internet horror is everywhere you look these days, and webisodes are quickly becoming a popular option for enterprising young filmmakers. Today we've got the scoop on a recent series of Internet shorts called Fractures.

Guillermo del Toro Launches a Creative Imaginarium for Filmmakers

Say what you will about Guillermo del Toro, but it's obvious the guy likes to work outside the studio system. So much so that he's created a place where he and fellow artists can hash out new and interesting ideas for all kinds of media - and without studio interference to boot! From the Press Release:

Quad One-Sheet Debut - Jason Statham vs. a Serial Killer in Blitz

It's been over a year since last we mentioned the new thriller starring Jason Statham which finds him going head-up with a vicious psychopath, Blitz, but the movie gods? They keep right on working, and today we have the official UK one-sheet.

Black Swan and The Last Exorcism Nominated for Independent Spirit Awards

Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, announced nominations this morning for the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards; and we're pleased to report that the nominees include such genre-friendly names as Darren Aronofsky, Danny Boyle, Daniel Stamm, Eli Roth, Natalie Portman, and Ashley Bell.

Ruairi Robinson To Direct The Animators

Irish director Ruairi Robinson has been tapped by QWERTY Films to take the reins on their upcoming sci-fi/horror offering, The Animators - the story of ill-fated space explorers who stumble across something horrible on the Martian surface.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Monsters

Some folks are raving about Monsters, Gareth Edwards' take on the alien invasion angle, while others are less enthusiastic. As our regular readers know, however, no film is every fully reviewed until Trembles has gotten his hands on it. Synopsis

One-Sheet Debut - The Roommate

A bit of artwork for yet another flick we feel as if we've been talking about forever, The Roommate, has made its way online today, and we have every foggy pixel of it awaiting your perusal.

MGM Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

And the financial woes continue for MGM. The company that has given us so much wonderful horror fare over the years has officially filed for bankruptcy. Yet, there is a bit of a silver lining. Not much of one, mind you, but enough to stay optimistic for now.

New Elvira Election-Themed Spoof: Sarah Impalin'

Election Day is over, and while some are celebrating and others are licking their wounds, here's a new video from the one and only Elvira that's sure to bring a smile to your face no matter which side you're on.

AFM 2010: First Look at the Sales Art for TBK - The Toolbox Murders

More artwork rolling in, this time for Dean C. Jones' sequel to the remake of The Toolbox Murders, titled mysteriously enough, TBK - The Toolbox Murders. Have a look for yourself! It's like being at AFM, only without the headaches, crowds, and aggravation, no?