Horror News

A Perfect Trailer for A Perfect Getaway

For those of you who just can't wait until this weekend's debut of the trailer for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway before Drag Me to Hell, you're in luck as Yahoo! Movies is providing a sneak peek.

John Lithgow to Match Wits with Dexter

Following in the footsteps of Jimmy Smits' guest star turn in last season's "Dexter", the show's producers have tapped Emmy and Tony winner John Lithgow for all 12 episodes of Season 4. Now this is a casting coup I can get behind 100%!

July Release for Morgan J. Freeman's Homecoming

No, not that Morgan Freeman. We're talking Morgan J. Freeman here, people! Try and keep up! In any event, the new film Homecoming from the aforementioned director will be opening in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles on July 17th.

The Horror of Breeding Jean-Claude Van Damme

Over a decade ago there was talk of a movie that would have cast Jean-Claude Van Damme as a park ranger forced into a life or death struggle against Bigfoot. Sadly, that film never came about and we were forever denied the sight of the "Muscles from Brussels" kickboxing Sasquatch. On the plus side, it looks like Van Damme is finally set to enter the world of horrordom with a new fright flick called The Breed. Exactly what he'll be kickboxing remains to be seen.

Alien Uprising Scheduled for August

Just because it's the 21st Century doesn't mean there is no longer room for movies that shamelessly riff on the Alien films. They were a hallmark of sci-fi cinema back in the Eighties and well into the Nineties. Now here we are in the Zeroes, and this August there will be an Alien Uprising.

Sam Raimi Talks Drag Me to Hell

In 1981, a young director named Sam Raimi set out to give audiences a new vision of the horror genre with his now cult classic film The Evil Dead. Twenty-eight years later (and one Spider-Man trilogy behind him), Raimi is looking to do the very same with his latest project, Drag Me to Hell.

Sega's E3 Horrors

With the big-daddy of video game shows, E3, just around the corner, Sega of America announced what they'll have on tap for us fans of blood, gore, monsters, and weirdness! Let's take a quick look, shall we? From the press release:

Video Interview: Saw VI Cast

A few cast members from the latest entry into the franchise that's become an October tradition, Saw VI, sat down for an exclusive chat with Movie Entertainment after the film wrapped, and lucky for you the whole thing was caught on video.

Japanese Horror Story – It'll Get You in the End!

There are gimmicks, and then there are gimmicks. And today we got the drop on a story that will make you want to drop your drawers and settle in for some alone time. Seriously. Why take a book into the bathroom when you can actually read the toilet paper?

The Return of Analog Terrors!

I remember going to video stores when I was a kid and being fascinated by the horror VHS boxes. Some were cut and inserted into clamshells, while others went unsevered, poorly wrapped in plastic, splattered with stickers and stuffed with Styrofoam -- the true terror trash like The House that Dripped Blood (presented by Elvira) was hidden in big boxes. The art was lurid and a bit off in places (did the Trancers VHS illustration ever capture Tim Thomerson?). Names like Vestron, Wizard, Media, Medusa made up my childhood and scared me even before I fell under the spell of horror.

French Carnival of Illusions on the Way

Considering that most of what’s come out of France lately has been so incredibly fucked in one way or another, the premise of the latest French horror flick has got me really weary – in a good way. Director Talal Selhami will helm The Carnival of Illusions, a story that promises to bring the creepy...

Early Messengers 2 DVD Art

To be perfectly honest, I forgot that The Messengers existed. Sony sure as hell didn’t however, and to prove it, they’ve provided DVD Active with a first look at the upcoming prequel. Not much to say about this, but the cover art is kinda fun in a retro 80's sort of way. If I were thirteen again, I’d rent this in a heartbeat!

See the First Five Minutes of Blood: The Last Vampire

Those of you anxious to see how the live action adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire is shaping up can get a good look at it today. The film's official site has generously posted the first five minutes of the flick, and while it’s still not enough to gauge the finished product, it’s piqued my curiosity.

New Dutch Horror on the Way!

When I find myself ecstatic over a modern-day genre film these days, it's usually of European descent. I don't mean to slight my fellow Americans, but we certainly haven't been leading the pack in quality horror lately.

First Look at Tim Burton's Alice

We're still not sure exactly how "dark" Tim Burton's adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale Alice in Wonderland will be but thought both he and the story have enough fans that you guys would be interested in seeing some preliminary pictures from the set.