Horror History

Horror History: Fascinating Video Compares The Thing's Original Storyboards to the Finished Film

There are few horror films as endlessly awesome as John Carpenter's The Thing, and I personally never tire of hearing and learning new things about the gruesome masterpiece. If you feel the same way, then read on because you're going to dig this video!

Horror History: How Jurassic Park Changed Filmmaking Forever

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) has a new digital series, "Academy Originals," and this week's episode looks at the "moments that changed movies," specifically the 1993 classic Jurassic Park.

Horror History: When Steven Spielberg's E.T. Was Evil in Night Skies

Here's a little known fact for you guys... After the success of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, director Steven Spielberg had something a lot darker in mind for us. Read on for details and a look at what E.T. was originally supposed to be.

Horror History: First - and Only - Look at Joe Lynch's The Tingler

Way back when, Dread Central favorite Joe Lynch was attached to bring a remake of the William Castle classic The Tingler to the big screen. Alas, it never materialized, but thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, you can now see Lynch's concept boards!

Horror History: Check Out the Original Press Kit for John Carpenter's The Thing

Few films in the history of horror cinema have had a greater impact on the genre than John Carpenter's The Thing. The film, simply put, is as close to perfect as they come. Now it's time to take a look back and check out the press kit for this 1982 masterpiece.

Horror History: Chilling Continuity Polaroids from The Shining

One of the most revered films around the Dread Central offices is Stanley Kubrick's masterful take on Stephen King's The Shining. Cinephilia and Beyond dug up some continuity Polaroid photos used to keep track of the on-set mayhem, and we have a look at them for you here!

Horror History: Happy 100th Birthday to Gertie the Wonderful Trained Dinosaurus

With Godzilla and even Gamera getting all the giant monster love lately, we'd be remiss if we didn't wish a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the big screen's most incredible creatures, Gertie the Wonderful Trained Dinosaurus!

Horror History: Check Out a Rare Image of Film Icon James Dean as Frankenstein's Monster

Long before his death behind the wheel of what is said to be a cursed Porsche 550 Spyder in 1955, cultural icon James Dean appeared as Frankenstein's monster in the Fairmount High School play "Goon with the Wind."

Horror History: Warner Bros. Execs Chased by Angry Fans During Exorcist II Premiere

For my money Exorcist II: The Heretic is not only one of the worst sequels ever made but also one of the worst films ever made... period. Apparently at the time of the film's premiere, Warner Bros. execs were unaware of this but soon found out.... the hard way!

Horror History: The Exorcist III - Lost Head Morph Exorcism Scene

In 1990 Exorcist author William Peter Blatty get into the director's chair to adapt his 1983 novel and sequel to The Exorcist, Legion, for the big screen. However, from script to screen things didn't go exactly as he'd planned.

Horror History: Feast Your Eyes on the Invite for the Premiere of the Original Night of the Living Dead

Around here at Dread Central we strive to bring you guys stuff that you just don't see every day. That being said, we've landed something special for you cats. A piece of horror history from decades ago.

Horror History: Uncle Creepy's Twisted Memories - The Horrors of Growing Up

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, during the 1970's was a trip, man. Since Halloween is right around the corner and I'm feeling kind of nostalgic, I thought I'd share with you cats a quick trip down memory lane.

Horror History: They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

Time to add a little fun to your Monday afternoon. While not news by any stretch of the imagination, there are a couple of audience reaction clips floating around YouTube that we had to bring to your attention. Have some time to kill? Pull up a chair and dig on the terrors of days gone by!