Horror Gaming

Live a Magical Childhood Adventure in Kids vs. Goblins

Kids vs. Goblins. It doesn't sound like a fair fight, does it? Well, in Stolen Couch Games' new RPG for iPad, it may be the goblins who have gotten in over their head. These kids are out for blood!

Make Contact in New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer

Look up the word "want" in the dictionary, and you'll find a meaning that illustrates just how we feel about Sega's upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. Need another reason to be excited for it? How about a new trailer?

Plants vs. Zombies Munching Its Way To PSVita

Plants vs. Zombies is coming to PSVita on February 22nd! You will now be able to continue building your arsenal of plants to defend incoming attacks of the undead on the PlayStation Vita for the low-price of $14.99. The excitement never dies in Plants vs. Zombies, and now is the time to rally the troops to prepare for the next mission against the zombies!

New Execution Trailer Showcases the Brutality of Darkness II

The release date for The Darkness II creeps closer, and the demo for the game is now available on Xbox Live, PC and PS3. 2K Games has just released a brand new trailer showcasing all the blood-dripping execution styles that can be carried out with your character's Demon Arms!

Can You Make it to the End NIght on Your iPad?

How would you want to spend your last night on Earth? Well in the new game End Night for iPad and iPad 2, you'll be spending it staving off a zombie outbreak while trying to find a cure before it's too late!

Dead Block Brings its Zombie Action to PC

Take the classic surviving the zombie horde inside a building formula. Throw in some humor, unique music, crazy weapons and power-ups, and some bizarre characters, and you now know what the game Dead Block is like. Well, the hit title is now being released on PC for the first time ever!

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Xbox 360 Gets a Release Date

It's no big secret that the Xbox 360 has lagged behind its competition in the role playing genre in recent years. But with the addition of big name franchises like Mass Effect, Fable, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Microsoft is looking to be the number one console for RPG gamers as well.

Run for Your Life in rComplex

Picture if you will having to run and never stop running because if you do, a tentacled black mass is liable to tear you limb from limb. Now that doesn't happen every day, does it?

Dark Legends Set for Early 2012 Release

What's the best way to make an awesome RPG even better? By casting legions of the undead as the main characters and enemies in the game of course!

New 'Ryder White' DLC Announced for Dead Island

Not that you could ever become tired of killing zombies in Banoi, but Deep Silver has gone ahead and created some more great content for Dead Island. How sweet! Now you have delicious DLC pie to go with your zombie slaying cake.

Spooky Mall (Video Game)

Developed and Distributed by Alawar Entertainment Rated ? (for who the hell knows) Available for PC

Time to Go Shopping for Fear at a Spooky Mall

Ever since Dawn of the Dead, malls and horror movies have proved to be a near perfect combination. The new PC game from Alawar Entertainment, Spooky Mall (review here), now takes that relationship a step further. Read on for details.

Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party Details Featuring Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Xbox LIVE Arcade is bringing back its House Party promotion again in 2012. The promotion, which started back in 2010, celebrates the release of four different titles over a four-week span.

Become Part of the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Wars

Have you and your friends ever wished you could experience the zombie apocalypse together? With Image Metrics Inc.'s new iPad app called Zombie Wars, you and two of your friends can become part of your very own comic strip.

New Indie Game Block Zombies Hungry for Attention

Block Zombies is a new Xbox indie game that is available now from the developers at Nostatic Software. Because, you know, the only thing more frightening than zombies are zombies made out of blocks.