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8-Bit Kill Bill Game Will Gouge Your Eyes Out!

It’s 3AM and you are torn. Should you watch both volumes of Kill Bill or breathe new life into your geriatric NES and fire up Bad Dudes? This is the question that drove Buddah insane. But fret not for CineFix has saved your sanity in the form of 8-Bit Cinema’s Kill Bill (Vols. 1 and 2).

Trailer Teases Fatal Frame Movie Adaptation

Originally released in 2001, it was pretty clear right off the bat that the Japanese survival horror game Fatal Frame was ripe for a terrifying feature film adaptation. Over a decade later and after a few sequels, it's finally happening; and we've got your first look today!

Godzilla to Rampage onto PS3

When the dust and shrapnel settled on this year’s E3, next-gen console owners were looking forward to being rewarded for their investment in the future with an ogre’s fistful of titles coming to them. But owners of the previous generation’s consoles who haven’t switched over yet were left pantsless in a Yukon blizzard.

New Witcher 3 Combat Demo

In a lonely swamp, brown with rot, a lone man wanders, his desire burning with the hunt of a missing woman. Geralt of Rivia is that man, and this is the setting for the new combat demo released for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

8-Bit Terror: Nintendo's Horror Games that Inspired a Thriving Subgenre

As a nostalgic child trapped in a man’s body, I confess my addiction to all things horror as a youngster and still, as an adult, today. By age 8 I craved the emotionless face of Michael Myers, the idea of what could potentially be at the end of his sharp kitchen knife tugging at my imagination.

Legendary Developing Dead Rising Feature Film for Crackle

Just shy of a year after the third installment of Capcom's hit video game franchise Dead Rising hit stores, we've just gotten word that the property is getting a feature film adaptation, which should put a huge smile on the faces of all who dig some good old fashioned undead mayhem.

Outlast Comes to Xbox One

For my money Outlast is the single best pure horror experience to ever be fashioned in video game form. The game is grim, ghastly, and filled with more perverse sights than a Clive Barker-inspired fever dream. Now, FINALLY, Xbox One owners can experience the terror!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Has 36 Endings

The most promising game of the upcoming year just got even more tantalizing. Today in an interview The Witcher 3 senior visual effects artist, Jose Teixeria, revealed that the game will have 36 different endings.

E3 2014: Xbox One Crawls From Its Grave

For around a year the people behind the Xbox One managed to make just about every bad decision that they possibly could regarding the new console. Thankfully they've done a lot of damage control, and with Phil Spencer at the helm they seem to be getting on the right track by focusing on games. Speaking of which...

E3 2014: Spooky New Alien: Isolation Images

At this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, Creative Assembly is giving Alien: Isolation an incredible showing to the attending media and guests! Today we get to bring a bit of that goodness online as SEGA released an additional set of terrifying screenshots for the game.

E3 2014: Mortal Kombat X - New Screens, Fighters, and Info!

We've been buzzing about Mortal Kombat X for a few days now, and with E3 in full swing, we've kept a close eye on things and have gathered some new goodies for you! Read on for new screenshots, video, fighter announcements, and more!

Murdered: Soul Suspect (Video Game)

Rated M for Mature Available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

E3 2014: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Shows off Nemesis System in New Trailer

As if the upcoming Lord of the Rings game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, couldn’t look any more intriguing, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for the upcoming game showcasing some of the intricacies of its main selling point, the nemesis system.

E3 2014: Bayonetta 2 Release Window Announced; Shipping with Original Bayonetta!

E3 2014 hasn't been bursting with content for Nintendo Wii U fans who are looking for something a bit darker to mess around with on their little system that could. Thankfully though, there has been one shining light! It's been a long road for us Bayonetta fans, and the end is in sight!

E3 2014: Alien: Isolation - New Trailer and Screenshots!

Alien: Isolation is preparing for this year’s E3 with a new 20-minute theatre presentation and an exciting new game mode playable on the show floor. Additionally, SEGA revealed a new gameplay trailer and fresh screenshots for the game this morning. Check 'em out!