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Gabriel Knight Redux on its Way!

For gamers who crave supernatural mysteries and great storytelling, the classic Sierra adventure Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father pretty much remains the greatest game ever made. With the rise of tablet gaming, fans have been clamoring for a re-release, and it looks like our prayers have finally been answered.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - Coming to PlayStation 4

Warner Bros. Entertainment has revealed that one of the best damned fighting games of the year, Injustice: Gods Among Us: Ultimate Edition, is coming out on the PlayStation 4 remastered as a launch title with all the DLC! Best video game news of the last several weeks if you ask us!

Win a Digital Download of Lost Planet 3 for PSN and Steam!

Let's see how well we know you. We'd bet you love video games. And we'd bet that you love free stuff. Uncanny, huh? Like we're mind-readers. You can read on and find out how to win a digital download of Lost Planet 3.

The Second Season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy Has Arrived!

It was in 2011 that Kevin Tancharoen introduced us to his visionary take on the Mortal Kombat universe, launching a web series called Mortal Kombat: Legacy that I personally consider to be one of the best things to ever happen to fans of the video game.

Bug Out on This New Box Art for Earth Defense Force 2025

D3Publisher unveiled the official box art for Earth Defense Force 2025, and if you have never played an EDF game, you'd be wise to right that wrong ASAP! Honestly? There's just nothing that's more fun for fans of giant insect movies!

Return to the Afterlife with Papa Sangre 2

Described as 'a game for your ears,' Papa Sangre was released in 2010, a unique iPhone app that was essentially a video game without video.

It's Kill or Be Killed in Mobile Fighting Game Rage Warriors

The latest offering in the mobile fighting game market is Reliance Games' Rage Warriors, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity is an endangered, scarred and mutated species.

Go Old School and Embark on Jaws: The Text Adventure

Of all the properties that have yet to be served correctly in the video game world, Jaws has had to endure some of the choppiest seas of all. Other than maybe Jaws Unleashed (which wasn't exactly great), most of the games based on this flick were nothing more than digital chum.

Vin Diesel's Tigon Studios Reteams with Gaming Corps for Riddick: The Merc Files

It's a Vin Diesel production starring Vin Diesel created by Vin Diesel's video game studio. NO, REALLY! Diesel's Tigon Studios and Gaming Corps team up once again for Riddick: The Merc Files...

Kevin Tancharoen Updates on Mortal Kombat Reboot

Kevin Tancharoen's story is a pretty awesome one. A hardcore fan of the video game series Mortal Kombat, Tancharoen wanted to show Warners Bros. that he was the guy to reboot the film franchise.

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (Video Game)

Available on PC Rated M for Mature Developed by The Chinese Room

Make a Date With Mortal Kombat: Legacy II; New Trailer

Loved the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy but hated waiting to see what happened from week to week? Well, get out your bibs, kids, as for Part II the entire enchilada is hitting at once for your binge-viewing pleasure.

Outlast (Video Game)

Available on PC Rated M for Mature

Sideshow Wants to Light Up Your Collectibles with its Illuminated Diablo Polystone Statue

When they're not writing, several of the Dread Central staffers who are gamers can be found playing Diablo III together. Sideshow Collectibles shares their love of the game, as evidenced by the new light-up feature they announced for their 21" Diablo Polystone Statue.

Konami Opens Kojima Productions L.A. And Will Focus On Future MGS Titles

Konami and Hideo Kojima recently invited select media and guests to take a tour of their latest production studio known as Kojima Productions L.A.... and it was AWESOME. Read on for images and details!