Horror Gaming

Sega Announces New AVP Game!

Sega dropped word today that they will soon be publishing a brand-new Aliens Vs. Predator game, the screenshots of which alone will be better than both films combined!

Horror Comes to WiiWare

This one came out of left field. According to Joystiq, this week’s WiiWare release is Lit, a horror puzzle game that makes use of light sources to provide safety to your character.

War is Hell in NecroVisioN

The guys over at IGN just got a first look at a new game that I’m sure will appeal to horror fans, and if it doesn’t ... well, you’re just a poseur then. POSEUR! The game is called NecroVisioN (not sure if that last “N” needs to be capitalized or not, but that’s how they have it…), and it comes to us from The Farm 51st. What is it? Glad you asked!

Exclusive: Ghostbusters Gameplay Impressions

Do you remember the first time you saw the infamous opening "library scene" in the original Ghostbusters? Remember how you felt when you watched that old woman ghost flip out while the pages of countless books flew everywhere?

First Dead Rising Sequel Details!

The first details for Dead Rising 2 have finally come to light via IGN today, and while there’s not a helluva lot to report, it’s just cool to know it’s in active development.

Two New F.E.A.R. 2 Videos!

Seems like a day doesn’t go by without something new from the world of F.E.AR. 2: Project Origin, but since it’s Friday we thought we’d give ya a double dose of dueling downloads!

Brand New Ghostbusters: The Game Trailer!

Atari has released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Game, probably one of the most anticipated video games in the history of mankind. Or at least since video games were invented.

Left 4 Dead DLC Officially Announced

It's no secret my favorite game of the past year is without question Left 4 Dead. Lots of folks have been complaining that it was on the short side of the fence, but to me? Killing zombies never gets old. Still, for the complainers out there Valve is set to deliver.

F.E.A.R. 2 Launch Trailer!

Warner Bros. Interactive just dropped the launch trailer for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, which will find its way to stores starting February 10th. More action, more guns, more ghosts, more reasons to, as their ad campaign instructs, fear Alma again. Dig it below; then hit the links to pre-order yours today!

Mad World Gets March Release Date

What’s black and white and red all over? No, not a mime in a woodchipper (as entertaining as that would be), it’s Mad World, a Wii title we haven’t really covered here on DC at all as of yet. Why is that, you ask? I blame Butane. He’s not responsible, but he’s smaller than me and lives a long way from where I am.

NECA Snags Dead Space, Devil May Cry License

The UK Toy Fair is going down in the UK (duh) as we speak, and the sharp-eared, eagle-eyed denizens of Action Figure just caught wind that NECA has nabbed three new game licenses, all of which should make your fanboy hearts a-twitter with happiness, as they do mine.

Dead Rising, Lost Planet Sequels Multi-Console

The rumor has started via IGN by way of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu that a sequel for both Dead Rising and Lost Planet are in the works, and much to the relief of PS3-only owners, they’re going to be multi-platform. It’s too early for any solid details on either game, but hopefully they’ll be making some vast improvements to Dead Rising so it’s not so damn boring after a few hours of gameplay.

A Look at the F.E.A.R. 2 Demo

A few days back the Gaming Fairy left us a nice present on our 360's: the demo for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, coming to a console near you on February 10th. Yes, there is a Gaming Fairy. No, I can neither confirm nor deny its similarity to Uncle Creepy in a tutu and wings. I've had my shot at it, and I'm here to tell you that we're in for some pants wetting before Valentine's Day.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Winners Announced

Alma is waiting. Are you ready? Grease up your guns, and pack your ammo heavy because Dread Central in association with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have put together a contest geared specifically to help you face your fears!

Wiseman Say Gears of War Planned Trilogy

Len Wiseman recently chatted with the boys at Bloody Disgusting and revealed both some good and bad news for his planned adaptation of the Gears of War video game.