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Sharpen Your Shank for New XBLA / PSN Title From EA

Revenge is a dish best served bloody and violent. And that's exactly the way you are gonna get it when EA and Klei Entertainment shove their Shank into you and your video game loving mind!

EA Games to Slap Us With a DeathSpank!

There's something so fulfilling about that headline we're not sure how to put our fingers on it. I guess it's that the word DeathSpank conjures a myriad of things in one's imagination. But will it make a good game? We're thinking yes!

Warner Brothers Bringing Us Space Invaders: The Motion Picture

What once was old is new again, at least as far as movies based on video games. Universal is developing an Asteroids movie. Fox is developing a Missile Command movie. Producers have been trying to get a big screen Joust and Pac-Man movie off the ground for years now.

Calling Set to Haunt Your Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii gamers still hungry for horror after the lackluster Cursed Mountain and the abysmal Ju-on: Haunted House Simulator are getting another crack at true horror with Hudson Entertainment's Calling. The best part? It's out on March 16th. Talk about under the radar.

Deadly Premonition - The Most WTF Gaming Experience Ever?

Just about everyone on staff here at Dread Central is an avid gamer. Recently we got our hands on a review copy of Ignition Entertainment's Deadly Premonition, and for the first time in like forever we've been rendered pretty much speechless.

Heavy Rain (Video Game)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Available for the PlayStation 3 Developed by Quantic Dream Published by Sony Games

Trailer: Metro 2033 -- Your Destination for Terror

Come March 16th gamers will be given one option when it comes to THQ's latest horror themed video game -- kill or be killed! We wouldn't want it any other way! The year is 2033. An entire generation has been born and raised underground, and their besieged Metro Station-Cities struggle for survival, with each other, and the mutant horrors that await outside.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Deadly Premonition for Xbox 360

You've seen all the trailers and character profiles by now as we've covered the hell out of this game. There's only one thing left for us to do. Give away a couple of copies!

Exclusive: Deadly Premonition - Disturbed Trailer

Now that it has finally made it to store shelves, we've been provided with the final promotional trailer for the "Twin Peaks"-esque survival horror game Deadly Premonition!

Aliens vs. Predator (Video Game)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Available for the Xbox 360 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, PC Published by Sega of America

Dante's Inferno (Video Game)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (reviewed), PC Published by EA Games

Take Five With Alan Wake

By the looks of this 5-minute video of gameplay provided by Gamerblog.fr, it seems Remedy has made good on its promise and found the key to appease the film buff in every gamer kid and the gamer kid in every film buff with the upcoming title Alan Wake.

Deadly Premonition: Character Profiles: Thomas MacLaine

The final character profile for the horror/action Xbox 360 exclusive Deadly Premonition landed in our inbox today, and in anticipation of the game's February 23rd release, here's a look at Thomas MacLaine, another long-time Greenvale resident who knows a lot about the townspeople (and their secrets).

Deadly Premonition: Character Profiles: Harry and Michael

Next week (on February 23rd to be exact) the horror/action Xbox 360 exclusive Deadly Premonition hits the market, and we've got a look at two more of the game's inhabitants for you - wheelchair-bound Harry Stewart and his personal assistant and caregiver, Michael Tillotson.

Alan Wake FINALLY Gets Release Date ... And They REALLY Mean It This Time!

On February 11th at X10, Remedy and Microsoft FINALLY stopped the blue ball frustration for male and female gamers alike by confirming their EXTREMELY long-delayed action-adventure Alan Wake will emerge May 18th in North America and May 21st in Europe.