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First Screenshot from The Walking Dead Video Game

Though we're all still kind of reeling from the announcement of Frank Darabont leaving AMC's "The Walking Dead", it's good to see that the video game based on Robert Kirkman's zombie epic is still moving along nicely.

E3 2011: First Concept Art - Telltale Games' The Walking Dead

It's been a couple of months since we've heard anything about Telltale Games' video game adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead, but with E3 winding down, there was bound to be something, right? That's right, kids! Game Informer nabbed the first three bits of concept art. But wait ... there's a twist ...

The Walking Dead Video Game Now Official

A fan of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead? Then, brother, do we have some really good news for you! For a while now a video game based upon the insane landscape Kirkman cooked up for his rich characters has been talked about, but the official word finally came down today.

Dragon Age: Origins (Video Game)

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