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Horror Decor Proud to Combine Frights and 80's Toys with Horror Buddies

Wrestling buddies. All true fans of squared circle action had to have one at some point in their lives. I personally remember chucking my own Hulk Hogan buddy around the living room as a kid. A great toy. And Horror Decor is making them better with Horror Buddies.

Horror Decor Getting Ready to Stink Up Your House in the Best Way Possible

If you're anything like us, then you have watched the gooey 1985 Larry Cohen classic The Stuff and wondered to yourselves... "Hmmm. I wonder what that tastes or smell like." Now Horror Decor is ready to answer at least one of those questions.

Horror Decor Wants Your Head to Float in Comfort Walking Dead Style!

The fishtank in the Governor's office from "The Walking Dead" is forever etched into zombie lovers' minds as a truly iconic sight to behold, and Horror Decor is looking to add a much more comfy spin to it.

Horror Decor's Limited Edition Cereal Monsters Pillow Available Tonight!

This year marked the return of General Mills' Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy cereals, the company catering to nostalgia-obsessed monster lovers by releasing all five of their monster cereals onto store shelves for the very first time.

Cuddle Up with Horror Decor's Basket Case Pillow My Lil Belial!

The folks over at Horror Decor have continually impressed over the years with their incredible pillows, and this Thursday they're releasing their most hideous, loveable and totally unique creation yet.

Horror Decor and Freddy In Space Turn Your Favorite Villains Into Madballs Style Pillows!

A couple months back I was contacted by the company Horror Decor, who inquired if I'd be interested in working together on a special line of pillows, a partnership between them and my blog, Freddy In Space.

Horror Decor Reveals the Ultimate Horror VHS Collectible

The lunatics over at Horror Decor continue to find new and monstrous ways to keep us comfy, and you're about to see one of the single coolest damn things to ever come across our desks... a VHS pillow complete with interchangeable horror labels from your favorite horror flicks. Check it out!

More Creature Comforts from Horror Decor

It's been over a year since last we checked in with the lovable loonies over at Horror Decor, who arguably have some of the coolest stuff you've ever seen for either you or the horror fan in your life, and don't you know they have even more cuddly killer collectibles on tap!

CONTEST CLOSED! Dread Central and Horror Decor's Creature Comfort Contest

Here at Dread Central we bust our asses to bring you guys the coolest stuff imaginable. Things you just shouldn't live without! Yesterday when we ran a story about Horror Decor and their MUST HAVE collectibles, we knew we had to score you guys some! That being said ...

Looking to Horror-fy Your House? Check Out Horror Decor's Latest Collection of Pillows and More!

Are you looking to do some genre-infused decorating around your house but are maxed out on toys and collectibles?