Horror Comics

IDW Launches Paranormal Activity:The Search for Katie

While Paramount is still toying with ideas for a Paranormal Activity sequel, IDW Publishing has launched an extension of the events of the film that poses the question, "Where is Katie Featherston?"

New Comic-to-Film Adaptation Coming: The Piper

In its now never-ending quest to uncover the next multi-million dollar hit based upon a graphic novel, Hollywood is leaving no stone unturned! Next up for the big screen treatment -- The Piper!

Exclusive Look at The Molting Issue 2

About a month or so back, Dread Central reviewed the first issue of Repo! co-creator Terrance Zdunich's newest endeavor, The Molting: Guilty Susie (review here). Zdunich and Susie are both back for the second installment of The Molting called "Chapter Two: The Happiest Place on Earth", and we've got an exclusive look for all you fiends.

DC Comics Explores the Blackest Night

Marvel Zombies was a heavily promoted event in our comic universe. While the moments within the pages were skillfully worked into the canon of Marvel continuity, it's primarily seen as light, spoofy fun. Now, DC take a turn. Get ready for the Blackest Night!

New Comic Anthology ZombieBomb! Getting Ready to Drop

Here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for cool shit to let you guys know about. Luckily for you we've been alerted to a badass new zombie comic anthology series called ZombieBomb! which will be coming at us soon from the fine twisted folks over at Terminal Press.

Terrance Zdunich's The Molting Available Now

Terrance Zdunich's latest work, The Molting (interview here), is now available for purchase; and since we have a habit of letting you guys know about cool shit to dig on, we couldn't resist this moment to remind you to get your copy like yesterday.

Exclusive: Terrance Zdunich Talks The Molting

Most people are familiar with Terrance Zdunich the singer and actor due to his heart palpitation-inducing performance as Graverobber in Repo! The Genetic Opera. On September 15th, the world will finally get the chance to know Terrance the artist a little bit better. That’s when “Guilty Susie,” the first chapter in his new comic series The Molting, will be released.

Zombie Jesus Comic Book Prince of Pieces Soon to be Risen

A comic book about a pissed off zombie Jesus returning to devour the flesh of sinners... No, this won't offend anyone. Prince of Pieces is a comic book currently in development, and perhaps the most shocking thing of all is knowing Brian Pulido is in no way involved.

Tour The Walking Dead via Google Maps

Have you ever thought about retracing the steps various members of The Walking Dead have taken over the course of the comic's narrative?

When Drive-Ins Attack Comes to Dread Central

In our never-ending quest to provide you with really cool stuff that you can't find anywhere else, Dread Central is proud to bring you an online comic strip that will have you laughing and shivering until the very last gore-soaked page!

Preview of New Torchwood Comic Strip

Torchwood Magazine, the tie-in publication for the popular "Dr. Who" spin-off series, has announced that award-winning British comic book creator Nick Abadzis will be penning the series’ comic strip in its latest edition. Nick (Laika, Hugo Tate) will team up with artist and fellow Brit Paul Grist (Kane, Jack Staff) to deliver Part 3 of Broken, a story that finds the "Torchwood" crew trapped in a haunted hotel.

Preview: The Devil's Handshake

The same team behind SPOOKS! is at it once again, and this time they're getting set to deliver to horror comic readers the goods in the form of a Devil's Handshake. Interested? You should be. We've got a seven-page preview to whet your fright-loving whistle!

SDCC 09: Bousman's Abattoir Goes Theatrical

Just days after breaking the news about Darren Bousman's graphic novel project Abattoir (story here), Variety reports that Bousman will write and direct Abattoir for Radical Pictures. In Abattoir (which is French for slaughterhouse), a real estate agent assigned to clean up the remnants of a massacre that took place in a mansion he hopes to sell is visited by a twisted old man who draws the agent into a web of shadows, murders and massacres.

I, Zombie Comic Coming from DC/Vertigo

There’s certainly no shortage of zombies in the media these days. You can wade through an endless cache of movies, music, novels, and comic books and still have a difficult time staying atop the undead legions. That doesn’t matter to DC/Vertigo, however, as they’re gearing up to gamble on another zombie-themed comic –- with an interesting twist.