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The Walking Dead Shamble into Court

Sometimes you just never know. You're keeping your head down, working hard, trying to make everything that you work on solid, and before you know it, your ass lands in court. Such is the case with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

Animals Versus The Undead in Upcoming Comic Rex, Zombie Killer

Just the other day I was thinking…you know what would really put "The Walking Dead" over the top…really make it that unique, unforgettable epic show that goes down as a benchmark of television…a gorilla with a baseball bat. Just think how shocking it would have been if an ape with a Louisville Slugger came blasting out of Herschel's barn instead of Sophia. Well AMC, it's too late for that because the upcoming comic Rex, Zombie Killer is all over that already!

Another New Bit of Teaser Artwork for Dark Horse Comics' B.P.R.D.

Those devilish denizens of Dark Horse Comics are at it again with a third piece of the puzzle that is B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense). What better way to close out the week than with another sneak peek at some new artwork for the series?

Dark Horse and Radical Entertainment Teaming for Comic Series that Bridges Prototype and Prototype 2

Hot on the heels of our recent interview with Radical Entertainment's Design Director Matt Armstrong comes the news that Radical, the creator of Prototype 2, and Dark Horse Comics, the leading publisher of gaming comics and graphic novels, have joined forces to create an all-new comic series set in the Prototype universe.

Saw's David A. Armstrong Ready to Crawl to Me

More comic book inspired mayhem is coming our way in this latest adaptation on the quest to find the next big thing a studio can latch onto. IDW fans, something spooky is crawling your way.

Creepy Magazine Editor Dan Braun Talks About the Future

We recently had a chance to talk with demonic Dan Braun, editor-in-chief of a magazine near and dear to our hearts, Creepy. Aside from some great plans for Creepy #7, Braun has some new info to lay on us that fans of the periodical (and its sibling, Eerie) will be thrilled to hear.

An Exclusive Early Look at Two Upcoming B.P.R.D. Covers from Dark Horse

Late last year we told you about Dark Horse Comics' plan to release five new B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) titles, two of which are B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Long Death and B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Pickens County Horror; and today we have an exclusive early look at upcoming covers for each.

Garth Ennis' Crossed: Badlands Biweekly Comic Series Starts This March

If you're a Garth Ennis fan (and if you're not, what the heck's wrong with you?), you'll be thrilled to hear that the Northern Irish comics writer who created Preacher and Hitman among others has a new biweekly series starting on March 14th that's a follow-up to his popular Crossed. It's entitled Crossed: Badlands and reunites Ennis with artist Jacen Burrows.

The Walking Dead Consume The New York Times Best Seller List

Robert Kirkman's special brand of ghouls known as "The Walking Dead" has taken the television airwaves by storm, and now that the show's on hiatus, the graphic novels are taking a big bite out of book sales.

New Army of Darkness Comic Coming in February from Dynamite

Not so sure you're on board with the new Evil Dead film heading our way? Then how about sticking with comics based on the series? A new chapter of Army of Darkness is on its way this February 22nd from Dynamite Entertainment, and we have all the details right here!

More Teaser Artwork for Dark Horse's B.P.R.D.

Dark Horse Comics is playing Santa this week with an early Christmas gift to fans of the B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense). Here's another sneak peek at some new artwork for the series.

A Look at the Beauty and Beast Artwork for Fatale Issue #1

What could be better than a new comic series with guns, sex, secret cults, and monsters? That's exactly what we'll be getting on January 4th with Fatale from Image Comics with story by Ed Brubaker, art and cover by Sean Phillips, and colors by Dave Stewart.

Hellraiser Comic Cover Reveals a New Look for Kirsty Cotton

Those of you keeping up with the Hellraiser comic series from Boom! Studios know that at least in print the Clive Barker based series is excelling. Simply put, it's fantastic, and so are the new covers for Issue 8, which reveal for the first time a female Pinhead.

Exclusive: Scott Allie Raises Hell with B.P.R.D. Pickens County Horror

Fans of Dark Horse Comics' Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, aka B.P.R.D., know everything is not exactly kosher in their comic universe. The world was radically altered when everyone's favorite firestarter, Liz Sherman, torched the center of the Earth with a particularly powerful fireblast. And all that is just fine by Dark Horse's Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie.

Dark Horse Announces Five New B.P.R.D. Titles that Will Shake the Organization to its Very Core!

Remember last Monday when Dark Horse Comics teased us with some artwork for its B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) series? Well, now it's all been made clear with the announcement that five new titles and some of the most earth-shattering events in the history of the series are on their way.