Horror Comics

Dark Horse Announces Tim Seeley's Ex Sanguine Coming in November

C2E2 is happening this weekend in Chicago, and the first bit of news has come out from Dark Horse Comics announcing Ex Sanguine, a unique blend of horror and thriller from Tim Seeley.

The Walking Dead Reveals Cover for Issue #100

The Walking Dead has had an amazing run during its undead lifespan. The incredibly popular comic series from Image Comics has spawned novels, an award winning television show on AMC and an upcoming episodic video game.

Zombie Dawn Theatrical Release Date Announced

As reported previously, Zombie Dawn's limited theatrical release will be accompanied by a prequel comic book from David A. Rodriguez and Dheeraj Verma, and now we know the exact date of when you can score yourself a copy. Read on for the details.

New Info and Images from Dark Horse Comics Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie

Scott Allie is a busy man. Aside from his usual responsibilities as the senior managing editor at Dark Horse Comics, he's taken on new writing endeavors, and this weekend he finds himself as a guest of honor at the World Horror Convention (March 29-April 1) in Salt Lake City.

Get The Walking Dead Issue #19 - Michonne's Introduction - for FREE!

Were you maybe a little confused by the overwhelming excitement that fans of The Walking Dead comics exhibited following the introduction of the Michonne character into the TV series last weekend? Then you'll want to pay close attention to this news...

Musicians-Turned-Comic-Writers Tom Morello and Claudio Sanchez Heading to C2E2 2012

Chicago native and Grammy Award-winning guitarist Tom Morello and noted musician Claudio Sanchez will be appearing at this year’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). Both are well-recognized in the comic community for their writing talent.

WonderCon 2012: IDW Reveals Team Behind New Crow Comic Series; New & Re-Released Judge Dredd Coming

With new films on the way, it's no surprise new comic versions of The Crow and Judge Dredd are on their way as well (along with a re-release of the latter), and during this weekend's WonderCon, IDW Publishing provided more details on both.

Exclusive Panel from The Walking Dead's Michonne's Origin Story Running in the April Issue of Playboy

Playboy Magazine and Robert Kirkman, writer of the comic and TV show The Walking Dead, have teamed up to introduce the origins of fan favorite Michonne in the April issue of Playboy, and we have an exclusive look at the first panel.

IDW Launching Ongoing Monthly True Blood Comic Series in May

While we started out loving HBO's "True Blood", the show has been on a bit of a downward spiral. Which is why we're completely stoked to see that IDW Publishing is turning its comics miniseries into a monthly True Blood series beginning in May.

Comic Book Tie-In to Be Released with Zombie Dawn

Eagle One Media has announced that comic book veterans David A. Rodriguez and Dheeraj Verma have teamed up to create a comic book tale based on the upcoming Spanish language horror feature film release Zombie Dawn, entitled Zombie Dawn: Safehouse.

The Sabertooth Vampire Is Coming to Dark Horse Presents

Dark Horse Comics has announced the latest character to be added to its flagship anthology known as Dark Horse Presents: the Sabertooth Vampire, penned by Mike Russell.

Dark Horse to Deliver a New Level of Horror in Riven

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new level of horror is on its way: a classic werewolf tale entitled Riven. The third collaboration between co-writers Bo Hampton (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and Robert Tinnell (The Wicked West), Riven is 196 pages of finely tuned terror that will send shivers up your spine!

Zombies Eat Republicans in New Interactive Comic

No matter what your politics may be, we're fairly confident even hardcore GOP members will get a kick out of Zombies Eat Republicans, a new cutting edge web-based interactive comic from Hype Comics.

The Writing Is on the Wall for The Scribbler

Stop the presses! A comic book adaptation of a character hardly anyone has ever heard of is on its way! How daring of Hollywood! Ah, yes. The next beloved hero to get the film treatment is going to be The Scribbler. Read on for the info.

Bloodshot to Fire His Way to the Big Screen

Weird things happen to comic book characters when they're adapted for the big screen. Sometimes a studio can nail it (Batman Begins), and sometimes, well, sometimes we get crap like Spawn and even worse Faust. Hopefully the powers-that-be can get Bloodshot right!