Horror Comedy

Lionsgate to Prove You'll Be the Death of Me

Not only does Lionsgate have a spiffy new logo, they've also got a new horror comedy in the works called You'll Be the Death of Me. Read on for your first details, and try not to crack any jokes about their direct-to-video movies having killed you already.

New Kenneth Trailer Wants to Remove Your Brain and Smash it With a Rock

Everyone has that little voice in their heads that sometimes tells them what to do. In the case of Kenneth said voice belongs to a foul-mouthed goblin who berates him on a daily basis. Sound kooky? You can thank the UK for this latest sliver on indie goodness!

The Detention of the Dead Begins this Summer

A release date has been announced for the upcoming horror comedy Detention of the Dead! Look for the hilarious little flick to be released on June 28th. You know... it will be hot outside then. You should just be able to follow the smell of rotting flesh.

Kill Me Now (2013)

Starring Jacob Reed, Michael Swaim, Brett Fancy, Beck Bennett Directed by Travis Long

Debbie Rochon Joins Horror Comedy Dry Bones; First Behind-the-Scenes Stills

Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson sent over a casting update for Dry Bones, the new horror comedy he wrote and is co-directing, along with some behind-the-scenes stills that shed a little light on what we can expect from the film. Read on for the scoop!

IFC Finally Unleashing Grabbers

Simply put... the flick Grabbers (review here) absolutely rules, and its Stateside release has been a long time coming. Look for it July 19th on the IFC Midnight banner in select theaters and on cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Zune, PlayStation, SundanceNow.com and other digital VOD outlets.

Psych's James Roday Covers Himself in Gravy

Fans of the TV show "Psych" will be happy to hear that one of its stars is getting ready to plant his rear end right in the director's chair for a new horror comedy that focuses on some very "questionable" eating habits.

Anna Kendrick Experiences a Rapture-Palooza and Faces off Against the Undead and the Antichrist

Us not covering a movie filled with the undead and Satan's minions? Perish the thought! We have no idea how this one hid from us for so long, but damn it, now that we're covering it, we feel a lot better! Read on for the latest on the new horror comedy Rapture-Palooza!

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Writer/Co-Star Michael Swaim Discusses Newly Released Horror Comedy Kill Me Now

Recently released on VOD is the horror comedy Kill Me Now, directed by first-time filmmaker Travis Long and written by Michael Swaim.

All-New Ghost Trek Episode to Premiere at Mad Monster Party on March 23

If you dug the first episode of Ghost Trek, which we featured here at Dread Central recently, then you'll be gaga over the newest installment in the horror-comedy series. And those of you at Mad Monster Party this Saturday, March 23, will have the first look at it.

Kill Me Now Headed to VOD

Word has come across our desks that the new horror comedy Kill Me Now is gearing up for a VOD run on March 21st so make a note of it! You're always looking for something to do, right?

New Trailer and Artwork Begin Witching and Bitching!

The first trailer and teaser art for the latest flick from Alex de la Iglesia, Spain’s most prominent black comedy helmer, have arrived, and we have your first look at the goods! Check out the latest on Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi (Witching and Bitching).

SXSW 2013: Hell Baby Set for Millennium

Awww... who's a little bouncing baby Beelzebub? It's you! Well, actually it's the new horror comedy from Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant entitled Hell Baby. Read on for some quickie distro news!

Casting News and Trailer for Horror Comedy Bloodmarsh Krackoon

We just got some info Bloodmarsh Krackoon, a feature-length horror comedy written and directed by Jerry Landi. It's a sequel to Landi's Krackoon, a short film that was a big hit on the festival circuit a couple of years ago.

Another Paranormal Movie Comes Home

Paranormal Movie is looking to scare the shit out of you. Literally. Will it succeed? We'll find out soon enough as the flick is headed to home video via Image Entertainment. Read on for the latest.