Horror Comedy

A New Grabbers One-Sheet Arrives in Case of Emergency

Monsters have invaded your city! People are dying left and right! A state of emergency has been declared! What do you do? What... do... you... do? According to this latest one-sheet for the phenomenal horror comedy Grabbers, you break this glass!

Detention of the Dead Rises on VOD

Looking for some quick zombie fun to take away the work week blues? Well then consider this a reminder that Detention of the Dead (review) is available NOW on VOD. Check your local listings and take part in this bloody little scare class!

Adam Sandler Says Hello Ghost

Adam Sandler. There was a time when we loved this guy. His lovable loser schtick was hilarious back in the day. But then said character started landing these amazingly hot chicks in every movie and yeah... kinda rings false now. Maybe he'll be funnier playing dead...

New Detention of the Dead Clip Puts You in the Confessional

With the weekend approaching, it's more important than ever to behave now. One screw-up and you're bound to be spending your time enduring the Detention of the Dead. So get prepared by watching this new clip.

New Grabbers Still Will Split You Wide Open

We have another new still from Grabbers (review), and it's of the squishy and creepy variety! Check it out, and thank the insect lords these things don't exist... or do they? Look for the film July 19th on the IFC Midnight banner in select theaters and on cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Zune, PlayStation, SundanceNow.com and other digital VOD outlets.

Rapture-Palooza (2013)

Starring Craig Robinson, Anna Kendrick, John Francis Daley, Rob Corddry, Rob Heubel, Ken Jeong

Awesome New One-Sheet and Trailer for Grabbers

Simply put... the flick Grabbers (review here) absolutely rules, and we have a new bit of poster art and a new trailer to turn you on to. Look for it July 19th on the IFC Midnight banner in select theaters and on cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Zune, PlayStation, SundanceNow.com and other digital VOD outlets.

Horror Comedy Dry Bones Wraps; The Legend of Six Fingers Begins Production

Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson is one of the busiest guys we know. He just wrapped on horror comedy Dry Bones, kicked off The Legend of Six Fingers, and has two more projects already waiting in the wings!

Watch This New Detention of the Dead Clip or Stay After School

With the weekend approaching, the last thing you want is to stay inside after class with a bunch of losers so be sure to check out this new clip from horror comedy Detention of the Dead, and get ready for the flick's release this summer.

Prepare to Be Raptured by This Trio of New Clips from Rapture-Palooza

Last week we shared a clip from Rapture-Palooza that featured some foul-mouthed crows, and now we have three new clips to show you. Ready to get Raptured? Then read on!

Get FREE Killer Abs from D.R. O'Brien on May 25th; Listen to Brizzy Voices' Audio Excerpt Today!

Tomorrow, May 25th, author D.R. O'Brien will be offering free Kindle downloads of his new horror comedy short story Killer Abs, and to pump you up for it, he joined forces with YouTube star Brizzy Voices to bring readers a very special version of his new weight-loss horror comedy.

New Rapture-Palooza Clip Shows Off the Funny Side of the Apocalypse

A new clip from the other apocalyptic comedy heading our way, Rapture-Palooza, has arrived via Machinima, and we have a look at all of the end of the world chaos for you right here. Dig it, and remember... If you have to die, die funny!

New Detention of the Dead Clip Finds the Dead Outside

A new clip is here for the horror comedy Detention of the Dead, and if you know what's good for you, you'll watch it right now or we'll make you stay after class. Bad shit happens after class, man. You don't want that!

Rapture-Palooza Gets a Red Hot One-Sheet

Finally, after two separate red-band trailers, an official piece of artwork for Paul Middleditch’s horror comedy Rapture-Palooza has arrived, and given the subject matter, it's painfully generic! Look for the flick from Lionsgate in limited theaters and on VOD platforms June 7th.

This Latest Horror Comedy Is Quite a Conundrum

Horror comedies are a dime a dozen and few ever get the formula right, but sometimes someone will hit the nail on the proverbial head! Such is the case with the new indie flick Quite the Conundrum. Check out the trailer right here!