Horror Comedy

Ever Wonder What It's Like to Start Living With Jigsaw?

Jigsaw has been woefully absent from theatres for quite a while now, and truthfully, Halloween season hasn't been the same without him. So, wondering what he, or more specifically Billy the Puppet, has been doing with all of his time off?

Be Stung By These Production Videos

Looking forward to the new mutant wasp-laden horror comedy buzzing our way, Stung? Then get ready for an eye- and ear-ful as a series of production videos has hit the interwebs. Hey, it's Monday! Why not start your goofing off early this week?

Must See Sensible Trailer for HELL NO

Let's go camping! Let's break into the insane asylum! Let's use this Ouija board! Let's pick up that hitchhiker! Let's go swimming in the shark infested water! Let's... not! Here you go, kids! Guaranteed the best damned video of the day!

Meet Becky in This Exclusive Ghost Team One Character Vignette

Time to help you get over your hump day with an exclusive character vignette for the horror comedy Ghost Team One! One look at Becky and you'll wanna hump more than just the day!

Latest Episode of Ghost Trek to Be Featured on Chill.com

Recently Dread Central brought you a look at Michael Plumides' horror/comedy series Ghost Trek. For those of you who missed it, both the original episode and a brand new one are available online.

Aliens Xeno-Morphs Into Primetime Sitcom!

It's pretty much common knowledge that Aliens was almost turned into an animated series for children. But did you know that it also almost became a sitcom in the 1980s?

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly Spend Devil's Night Together

The comedy duo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are about to spend a hilariously spooky night together as they've signed to re-team for the upcoming Halloween-themed comedy, Devil's Night.

Scott Rutherford and Ben Peyser Talk Ghost Team One

Ghost Team One is kind of like if the folks from Mystery Team made a found footage horror comedy. Two stoners attempt to make contact with the dead in hopes of hooking up with a girl who believes that their house is haunted.

Junkie Unveils a New Trailer, Release Date and Distro Info

The upcoming film Junkie is a black comedy that is... well, trippy should about cover it. We've got a brand new trailer for you to check out as well as some info on where and when you can see this unique film.

Three Ghost Team One Clips Here to Tickle Your Funny Bones

Three new clips for the horror comedy Ghost Team One have made their way to the Interwebs, and we have 'em for you right here. Pull up a chair and try to be quiet enough so that the people around can't hear you chuckle.

Downton Abbey Star Takes on Zombies in Ibiza Undead

The zombie craze continues with the latest horror comedy to come shambling our way entitled Ibiza Undead, and we have the first word and details for you right here. Read on!

Paranormal Activity Gets DANGERous

You guys have no idea how long we've been waiting to share this with you! Get ready, kids, as you're about to experience an altogether different type of Paranormal Activity, one that's sprinkled with Danger... Buz "Danger" Wallick that is!

The Weinsteins and Endgame Working Together to Solve a Murder Mystery

A love story runs head on into an Agatha Christie novel in the next film from the newly formed TWC-Dimension label. It's appropriately titled Murder Mystery, and you'll find all the details below!

Witching and Bitching (2013)

Starring Mario Casas, Hugo Silva, Carmen Maura, Terele Pavez, Carolina Bang, Secun de la Rosa, Pepon Nieto, Jaime Or

First Details and the Official Trailer Arrive for The Cabining

Another pair of creative siblings has arrived on the indie scene: Michigan-based writer/director Steve Kopera and his LA-based actor/producer brother, Mike. Here's the early word on their horror comedy The Cabining along with a look at the film's official trailer.