Horror Comedy

Get Smart Director Getting Scary for Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watches. We're thinking it's time to enlist for these bad boys. Look at all the fun "Dexter" had with his this season! And now it looks as if something supernatural may be afoot pertaining to these ever so interesting late night endeavors.

Sundance '10: Bloody Stills: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

With its world premiere happening at the Sundance Film Festival, some new stills have oozed online for Voltage Pictures' latest horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil starring Alan Tudyk ("Firefly") and Tyler Labine ("Reaper") and directed by Eli Craig (The Tao of Pong). Dig 'em while they're warm!

Patrick Cavanaugh Talks Transylmania

Recently Dread Central scribe Heather Wixson caught up with actor Patrick Cavanaugh to get the scoop on Transylmania and to maybe nibble a bit on the other white meat.

Spanish Movie Looking to Bring Some Comedy into Spanish Horror

The Spanish horror trend has been growing strong as of late, seemingly outlasting the Asian horror trend that's now dead as a friggin' doornail. With the success of such great films as The Orphanage, REC, and Pan's Labyrinth, it was only a matter of time before someone started roasting them. Enter Spanish Movie.

Transylmania (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Oren Skoog, Patrick Cavanaugh, James DeBello, Jennifer Lyons, Paul H. Kim, Irena A. Hoffman, Musetta Vander Directed by David & Scott Hillenbrand

Diagnosis: Death DVD Clip Will Kill You

Kill you with laughter maybe? Don't worry; this isn't some sort of Ring scenario when after watching you have seven days to forward it along ... though that would increase our traffic ... YES! This clip is deadly! Watch it and pass it on! Make sure your friends pass it on! You're all gonna die!

Monster of the House Knows a Lot About Being Human

If you missed Season One of the incredible BBC America series "Being Human", then you missed out on some truly quality television. Not to worry though ... director Greg Pritikin has something on the horizon for us that sounds, well, strikingly similar.

Two More Transylmania Clips

With the latest horror comedy on the block quietly tip-toeing into theatres this Friday, we've got another two clips that will either turn you on or turn you off to seeing it! Behold more of the silliness that is Transylmania.

Another New Transylmania Clip

Were you a fan of Kate Beckinsale and her black leather getup in Underworld? If so, you ought to enjoy the latest clip from the new vampiric horror-comedy Transylmania.

New Transylmania Cilp

With Transylmania on the horror horizon (and not much else), vampire fans at least will have something to sink their teeth into. Even if it's the bloodless equivalent of a rubber chicken.

Diagnosis Death DVD Trailer Hits

In preparation for a DVD release on December 29th, Lightning Entertainment has set loose a trailer for its latest horror comedy Diagnosis: Death. Directed by Jason Stutter, this new horror comedy stars Raybon Kan, Jessica Grace Smith, Suze Tye, and The Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie, Rhys Darby, and Jemaine Clement.

AFM: Amy Heckerling Not Clueless About Vamps

Director Amy Heckerling of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless, and those damned Look Who's Talking flicks is ready to throw her hat into the blood-sucking arena with the new film Vamps.

Temp Trailer and Sales Art for Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

While we don't typically like comedy slapped together with our horror around these parts, we'd be lying if we said that the new horror/comedy flick Tucker and Dale vs. Evil looked anything less than badass.

Diagonsis: Death Coming to DVD

Lightning Entertainment has announced a December 29th release date for Diagnosis: Death. Directed by Jason Stutter, this new horror comedy stars Raybon Kan, Jessica Grace Smith, Suze Tye and "The Flight of the Conchords"' Bret McKenzie, Rhys Darby and Jemaine Clement.

Para-Knockers Activity Prepares to Go Hump in the Night

Fitting that this film be announced during Breast Cancer Awareness Month because if there is one man who is keenly aware of breasts, it would be Jim Wynorski. Having given us such horror-inspired softcore sex spoofs as The Witches of Breastwick, The Bare Wench Project, The Breastford Wives, and Cleavagefield, Wynorski is now setting his sights on a current horror hit with Para-Knockers Activity.