Horror Comedy

Platinum Dunes Looking for The Hauntrepreneur

Though they always have a myriad of projects on their slate, you can add another to the list of movies that Platinum Dunes wants to make ... in the horror for the whole family genre. Interested? Read on for the 411! According to THR Paramount is in negotiations to pick up The Hauntrepreneur, an original spec by Scott Rosenberg.

Get Ready for The Next Blair Witch Project

Well, no. Not really. However, that is the title of the latest indie horror comedy from Panik Attak Productions. Maybe now those disembodied kids in the woods are actually laughing at something funny? In any event below you'll find the trailer for this newest project, which was written and directed by "AJ".

New Grabbers Artwork Has a Lot of Character

A bunch of new artwork has found its way online for the Lovecraftian terror tale Grabbers, and we have your hot ticket as to where you can drink in every pixel. Dig on just one sliver of the artwork below.

First Images, Trailer, and Obscene Growth - Malay Horror Comedy, Rasuk

Here at Dread Central it takes a lot to alarm us. A growth the size of a small melon sticking out of the noggin of an older gentleman will usually do the trick. Warning ... once you see the following trailer and images, you will not be able to unsee them.

The Five Faces of Ninjas vs. Vampires

Ninjas and vampires. Apart they're cool, but if you bring them together for one film and have them fight to the death? Well, that has the potential to be friggin' awesome. Dig on some pretty nifty eye candy below along with the first information on Ninjas vs. Vampires' DVD release! From the Press Release

Sales Art Debut - Joe Dante's Monster Love

Darclight Films is pumping out the sales art for Cannes today, and the next bit of eye candy out of the gate is in promotion of the great Joe Dante's next effort, Monster Love. Yeah, I know. We're still waiting for his last film, The Hole, to be released here, but that doesn't mean we can't plan ahead.

Ready to Attend a Ghost Graduation?

In a perfect world if there were such a thing as a ghost school, then Beetlejuice would be a teacher of Yoda-like proportions. Sadly, this world sucks and the ghost with the most has been missing since his initial outing.

New Panman Trailer Has a Taste for Terror

You know the world can be a very cold place and even demonic chefs with a penchant for the total and complete evisceration of human flesh need love too. Probably even more so than the average person. It's time to offer your heart to the Panman.

Leigh Whannell Catches Cooties From the Living Dead

With Insidious tearing up the box office, all eyes are on writer/star Leigh Whannell to see what he'll be cooking up next. Turns out his next project may just make you a bit itchy in the most fatal of ways.

Victoria Justice - Now Available in Fun Size

Paramount's tale of trick or treating gone horribly awry, Fun Size, has itself a leading lady. One who beat out some pretty big guns to land the role in the upcoming Halloween themed comedy.

Bloody First Stills - Sheila Ryan's Opious

Producer Jeremiah Sayys just sent us over some really nasty new stills for his upcoming flick directed by Sheila Ryan Opious, and they're so grue drippin' good that we just had to share!

Troll Hunter Director Teaming with Chris Columbus to Discover New Horrors

We cannot wait for you guys to be able to easily see the goodness that is Troll Hunter. Simply put, the film kicks all kinds of ass, and to say that we're anxious to see what director André Øvredal does next is a bit of an understatement.

Exclusive Set Visit and First Images: Chris Ackerman's Hell's Belles

“The idea came to me a few years ago when I began writing a feature horror/comedy around a young female who drives a hearse,” writer, producer, and director Chris Ackerman told Dread last Saturday night on the set of his then-shooting short film Hell’s Belles.

Zombies Attack in New Harold's Going Stiff Viral

A quick viral video for the latest UK zombedy (still not sure if we like that word or not) Harold's Going Stiff has hit the net with a gnash of its teeth, and we've got every pixel of it here for ya!

New Polk County Trailer Offers All American Chills

Ah, the South. Having lived in Florida for a few years, I can personally attest to its many horrors. It's not all sunny fun like you see in the brochures. They don't tell you about the giant-sized insects or the chicks with sideburns and NASCAR jackets. Truly frightening stuff!