Horror Comedy

First Images from Vamps Show off Sigourney

And who wouldn't want to show off the still very much hot Sigourney Weaver? You get her and more in the first ever stills from Amy Heckerling's toothy new comedy Vamps. Read on for the goods.

Steady Yourselves! Tucker and Dale vs. Evil *Gasp* Gets a Release Date!

Part of me still doesn't believe it. Around a week or so ago we announced that the incredible horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil was picked up for distro by Magnolia and now? We actually have release news for you! Allow us a moment to indulge ourselves by engaging the CAPS LOCK key ...

Death Gets Funny During a Murder Weekend

If the perverse black-comedy Weekend at Bernie's taught us anything, it's that once you throw a corpse into the mix, things can get seriously funny in the most inappropriate of ways. Ready to find out how funny death can be again?

Badass Trailer Premiere - MTV's Death Valley

That's right; we used the words "badass" and "MTV" in the same sentence. It's been a long time since last that was done, but one look at their new series "Death Valley", and you'll see why it's hard not to. From the Press Release

The Dead Get High on Zombie Drugs

Let's face it; we all knew weed dealers back in high school. Ever wonder what happened to them? Would they still be up to the same old thing, hustling dime bags to play video games and getting the munchies, or maybe they became a bit more enterprising!

Ninjas vs. Vampires (2011)

Starring Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Jay Saunders, Melissa McConnell, Carla Okouchi and Devon Marie Burt Directed by Justin Timpane

Meet the Ladies of Ninjas vs. Vampires

Even though the thought of Ninjas fighting vampires is nothing short of chicken fried gold, there's nothing wrong with adding some sex appeal to the mix. That's exactly what's waiting for you with this latest assortment of promo art! Dig on some pretty nifty eye candy below along with the first information on Ninjas vs. Vampires' DVD release! From the Press Release

Creature Packed Trailer Debut - Monster Brawl

Here at Dread Central we're always in search of a good time. If the official trailer for the new rock 'em sock 'em monster mash Monster Brawl is any indication of what's to come, that's exactly what we're gonna get!

Zombie eXs Trailer Now Online - Old Girlfriends Back from the Dead ... YIKES!

What if your ex-girlfriends never stopped loving you and all came back ... as zombies? Shudder at the thought! This is the question Zombie eXs poses to its audience.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil FINALLY Finds a Home

You know what we want to do right now? Pack up shop, head over to Magnolia's offices and kiss every single person that we see. Of course we'd end up in jail, but that's the kind of love we have for them right now!

Horny Bigfoot on Humping Spree in Sasquatch Porn

Here it is, kids. The lowest level of Sasquatchploitation you're ever likely to see. Still, it makes for a great headline, does it not? Well, you know what they say: big feet, big c.... Brock "Balls" Brockleman, Erotic Film Entrepreneur, is on the hunt for his next big porn star - a seven-foot tall vixen Bigfoot, preferably in heat.

The Undead Need a Hero! Ace the Zombie Be Thy Name!

Let's face it ... just because you're a rotting, shambling, undead thing with a hunger for human flesh doesn't mean that you don't need anyone to look out for you. Given their poor physical state, zombies probably need more help than anyone. Good thing for them that Ace is here.

Asian Horror With a Sense of Humor in Twisted

For over a decade now some of the horror genre's most frightening films have clawed their way to American shores from Asia. Now it looks as if the good folks in the Far East are looking to send some laughs our way, too.

Platinum Dunes Looking for The Hauntrepreneur

Though they always have a myriad of projects on their slate, you can add another to the list of movies that Platinum Dunes wants to make ... in the horror for the whole family genre. Interested? Read on for the 411! According to THR Paramount is in negotiations to pick up The Hauntrepreneur, an original spec by Scott Rosenberg.

Get Ready for The Next Blair Witch Project

Well, no. Not really. However, that is the title of the latest indie horror comedy from Panik Attak Productions. Maybe now those disembodied kids in the woods are actually laughing at something funny? In any event below you'll find the trailer for this newest project, which was written and directed by "AJ".