Horror Comedy

Watch an Exclusive Clip from the Twisted Comedy Psychoville

To help kick off the weekend, the folks at FEARnet have provided us with an exclusive clip from Episode 2 of their horror comedy series "Psychoville", which airs this coming Tuesday, August 9th, to share with our readers. Dig it!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Green Band Trailer Debut

Just knowing that Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is officially on its way has everyone in the Dread Central offices grinning from ear-to-ear. To help you prep, the green band trailer is here! Dig it! Remember: ELI CRAIG'S TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL WILL BE AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND EVERYWHERE AUGUST 26th, 2011, AND IN LIMITED THEATERS ON SEPTEMBER 30th, 2011! Ah, that still feels good.

Danielle Harris Wants YOU to Be Among Friends

For years Danielle Harris has been lovingly offering us the types of shocks and scares we as horror fans have been craving. We feel like we've grown up with her in a strange way, and now that she's making her way to the director's chair for Among Friends, she needs a bit of that love back!

A Bloody Good Look at Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil made a true splash at San Diego Comic-Con last week, yielding one of the biggest parties of the event and more! Some special red-band footage from the flick has made its way online, and we have it for you right here! Dig it!

Eli Craig Talks Possible 'Tucker & Dale' Sequel and Next Potential Project

We've been talking about Tucker and Dale vs Evil like crazy for quite some time, and with good reason- it's an awesome movie. We were even graced by the presence of stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine at our Comic-con party with Magnet Releasing.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: FEARnet Clips of Psychoville and Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

A few nights back (and what feels like 700 stories ago), I posted my first impressions of two television shows being shown this summer on FEARnet - "Psychoville" and "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" (story here) -- and today we have some more cl

Brea Grant Finds Herself Among Friends

We've got a Rob Zombie Halloween II reunion of sorts on our hands today. WAIT! Don't leave yet. This might turn out pretty good actually. And I'm pretty sure we'll be without cows or white horses, so that's a step up, right?

First Impressions: FEARnet's Twisted Comedies Psychoville and Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

Anyone prone to channel surfing can surely recognize the glut of bland, unoriginal programming that infests the vast majority of TV Land. Sure, there’s some great television happening right now, but for every "Game of Thrones", there are sixteen cop shows and forty-nine reality shows (actual numbers) festering on any channel at any given time. That’s where the folks at FEARnet come in.

Creatures of the Night Beware! Ghost Trek to Screen at Fright Night Film Fest

"Ghost Trek" can best be described as "Reno 911" meets "Ghost Hunters", and the show's gang of misfits are out to prove that they're the funniest bunch of paranormal researchers since Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz and Egon Spengler. Those of you lucky enough to be in the Louisville area of the Bluegrass State on Saturday, July 23rd, will get your chance to have a sneak peek at the pilot!

Get a Sneak Peek of FEARnet's Twisted Comedies Psychoville and Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

A while back we told you about FEARnet launching a new series of horror comedies under the "Twisted Comedy" banner, and now we have sneak peeks at two of the shows the network will be premiering on August 2nd: Canadian fave "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" and "Psychoville" from the UK.

Exclusive First Word and Look at the Cast - Danielle Harris' Among Friends

For years Danielle Harris has been in front of the cameras for some of the best horrifyingly fun films our genre has ever seen. Now she's ready for a turn on the other side in her feature film directorial debut - the new horror comedy Among Friends!

First Word and Audition Info for Indie Horror Comedy My Fair Zombie

Do you live in Eastern Canada? Have you always wanted to appear in a film about zombies? Even better, can you sing? If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then read on for audition info for Brett Kelly's new horror comedy My Fair Zombie!

Dig on the First Six Minutes of Some Guy Who Kills People

Ready to make a nice gooey splash at this year's Fantasia International Film Festival is the upcoming John Landis produced horror comedy Some Guy Who Kills People, and you can watch the film's opening moments right now!

U.S. and Canadian One-Sheets Debut: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

There's nothing, repeat, nothing making us happier right now than to know that the incredible horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is well on its way from Magnet. To celebrate the flick's coming, we have the new American one-sheet for you to dig on! Note the following usage of the caps lock key to fully illustrate how incredibly excited we are ...

First Images from Vamps Show off Sigourney

And who wouldn't want to show off the still very much hot Sigourney Weaver? You get her and more in the first ever stills from Amy Heckerling's toothy new comedy Vamps. Read on for the goods.