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Two Clips from Tonight's Episode of MTV's Death Valley

In tonight episode of MTV's "Death Valley", Billy and Stu lose a partner in the line of duty while trying to help a drug addict. Sounds grim, right? But we're pretty sure there'll be a few laughs along the way as well. Check out these two clips MTV provided us from the ep to see if you don't agree.

First Look at the Teaser Trailer for Opious

Producer Jeremiah Sayys dropped us a line this evening with an update on his latest project, Opious, which was written and directed by his producing partner, Sheila Ryan. We have for you the flick's poster art and a teaser trailer along with the official synopsis.

Screamfest LA 2011 Exclusive: Writer/Producer Ryan A. Levin Talks Some Guy Who Kills People Premiere

As part of our continuing coverage of the 2011 Screamfest LA Film Festival, we chatted with Ryan A. Levin, the writer and producer of one of the fest's selections, the feature Some Guy Who Kills People, and got the lowdown on the horror-comedy, which is set for its Screamfest premiere on Friday, October 21st, at 10:00 pm.

Asians Shop at a Scary Market

Of course they do! Where do you think they buy conditioner for all that long stringy black hair? Not to mention little white gowns, shooting breasts, and 3D TVs that give new meaning to coming atcha!

A Full Trailer Out to Kill Keith

The full trailer for the upcoming UK horror comedy Kill Keith has come our way, and we have every (literally) sidesplitting moment of it for you right here. Dig it!

Update: Joshua Hull Talks Next Week's Beverly Lane DVD Release; Exclusive Video Clip Premiere!

Since its completion, writer/director Joshua Hull's zombie comedy Beverly Lane has been taking the indie horror world by storm; not only did it recently win "Best Horror Film" at the GIF Festival, but it was also nominated for five Golden Cob Awards earlier in 2011, with Hull being named "Best Emerging Filmmaker" as well. Hull recently announced his plans to self-distribute Beverly Lane, and with the flick's impending bow on October 25th, Dread Central caught up with him to get a few words on the DVD home release.

Ben Stiller Set to RentaGhost

Let's face it. Being dead has to have its fair share of suckage. Never mind the whole maggots feasting on you thing ... that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Get Ready to Kill Keith in the UK on 11/11/11

Are you like me and would prefer to just sleep in every morning? I can't understand the concept of "morning person". As far as I'm concerned, I never want to hear those two words together unless they are preceded by "…gruesome death of a…". But when you are forced to wake up early, what's the worst part of it? The morning news shows that are so sugary they make you want to puke. And that is the subject of Kill Keith.

Exclusive Interview: Tania Raymonde Talks MTV's Death Valley

Actress Tania Raymonde may be best known to millions worldwide as Alex Rousseau from ABC's series "Lost", but it's her latest television role that very well could define the next chapter of her career.

Asstastic New Roid Rage Trailer

The pain. The itch. The burning. There's no salve or ointment known to man that can quench this poor soul's anal horrors. A new trailer for Roid Rage is here ... and it's exactly what you think it is. You've been warned.

Two New Clips from Death Valley

Fan of MTV's "Death Valley"? You should be! The show's a lot of fun, and even better it's home to a lot of gore. We like gore. It makes us smile. So do these latest clips.

FedEx Saves the World from a Zombie Apocalypse

We've all been there, man. You're sitting around, hand down the front of your pants, when bang! Everyone around you starts turning into one of the living dead, the world begins to collapse, there's pandemonium in the streets, dogs and cats begin living together, absolute chaos.

A Good Time Goes Bad in the Teaser Trailer Debut of Danielle Harris' Among Friends

We really dig the vibe of Danielle Harris' new film Among Friends because it feels just like that kind of old horror movie we used to dig on in days long gone. Need proof? Check out your first look at its new teaser trailer!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Some Cool Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Swag and MUCH More!

In honor of the upcoming theatrical release of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (review here) on September 30th, we have a prize package for you to die for!

Watch Evil Ferment in the New Witch's Brew Trailer

It was last November when we first told you about Witch’s Brew, the beer-soaked gross-out horror comedy about what happens when a pissed off witch lays a curse upon your lager. A new trailer proclaims this blood-battered brewski is ready for serving.